Sunday, 25 November 2012

Best Makeup Trick I Have Learned On the Internet!

I like to think I know quite a few makeup tricks, but the one makeup trick I sure as heck didn't know, and never thought of, was so simple it's crazy. I learned it online. I apologize for my eye looking a tad droopy above. It's not the best angle. Also, it's best if you use a darker shade of brown than I did for the best effect. I was playing with a new brown eyeshadow that turned out to be too light for my purposes, what can I say?

If you want your eyes too look defined, yet a bit natural, with no harsh lines or an "over made up" look, tightline your lower lash line with brown eyeshadow. This works best if you are using black on your upper lash line for serious definition, but you don't want the same effect on your lower lash line. In other words, you don't want an overall "harsh" look like black liner everywhere. For those of your who are familiar with Kate Middleton's (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) penchant for harsh eyeliner lines last year, this is the look we are trying to avoid. I have noticed that someone recently finally handed that woman a smudger brush, thank heavens....

I digress. My point is that I would have never thought to wear black above and brown below on the lash line. No clue why, it makes perfect sense. If you haven't already tried it, you should! This looks good on all eye colours.

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