Friday, 16 November 2012

MyTop Go To Blushes - MAC Blushbaby, Tarte Exposed and Tarte Dollface with Swatches

Today, I want to talk about my Go To blushes. These are my favourites and they are my favourites for the very reason that they are solid colours that go with most makeup looks. These are my no brainers. Sure, there are prettier blush colours out there, but they don't necessarily go with every eye look or with every skin tone. I think these three would look good on most people, regardless of their skin tone. When I am in doubt about what blush to use, I reach for one of these three. If I lost all of my blush tomorrow, it is these three that I would repurchase first. All 3 are solid buys and even though they are expensive, they are well worth the money. I know I will have each of these for a very long time and already have.

Above I have Tarte's Exposed on the left, MAC's Blushbaby in the middle and Tarte's Dollface on the right. Tarte's Exposed is described by Tarte as nude. It really is a nude brown berry if that makes any sense. This colour instantly warms up your face and gives you a nice healthy look. This does double duty as a bronzer. It does not look muddy or too orange. This blush is $25 U.S. or $33 Canadian and you get 5.6g or 0.20 oz. of product.

 MAC's Blushbaby was either the first or second MAC blush I ever bought. I thought it looked like my colour and was subtle, not too loud. It reminds me of Clinique's Mocha Pink (and is likely a dupe) which I wore non-stop in university when I went out pubbing or clubbing. I have no qualms with Mocha Pink other than I am not crazy about the rectangular packaging and may purchase it again someday. Out of these three, this one is probably my favourite and is the blush that looks best on me. To save some money I would suggest purchasing the pro palette refill of this which is $17 U.S or $20 Canadian. The blush in the compact is $21 U.S. and $24 Canadian. You get 6g or 0.21 oz. of product. I like this particular blush in a compact because it is easier to travel with or throw in your purse. Other MAC blushes that I don't use so often are better to get in the pro palette refill.

Tarte's Dollface is a nice bright light blue pink. This instantly brightens up my face and lifts my mood on a cold winter's day. Tarte's blushes are very pigmented so you don't need much on your brush. You will use this product sparingly. When I want to look or feel "cute" or "sweet" I chose this blush. This colour makes your skin look more like porcelain if you have a fair or light complexion. This blush is $25 U.S. or $33 Canadian and you get 5.6g or 0.20 oz. of product.

Left swatch is Tarte's Exposed, in the middle is MAC's Blushbaby and the right swatch is Tarte's Dollface.

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