Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Coach Purse - On its Last Legs and Worth Every Penny

I am going to go a bit off topic today. I know everyone and their mother (literally) has a Coach purse these days whether its the real thing or a knock off. When I got my first Coach purse they were at their peak of being "hot" and then within a few months everyone had one. They ceased in the fashion sense to be the "in" thing. Everyone went Michael Kors mad after that. I do own a Michael Kors purse by the way and I have never used it but I will this summer!
Back to Coach. I own 5 Coach purses. It's a little obsession. Anyone who thinks they know me will tell you that I am full of ^%$# and I only own the one. Not true. I am simply a creature of habit and I use the same one all of the time which is pictured above. Can't go wrong with a black purse I always say. Three of my five Coach purses are black by the way.
My husband bought this purse for me as an anniversary gift and I have had it for just over 3 1/2 years. I believe it is a Coach Signature Zoe purse. It is the real thing. I have used and abused this purse non-stop almost everyday for 3 1/2 years. It is on its last legs. The fabric is worn on back where it rubs against my body and the lovely baby blue satin liner is looking dingy. The strap is slowly starting to tear.
I decided to do this post because I love my Coach purse. I am sorry to say that my days with it are coming to an end. What I really want you to know is that Coach makes ridiculously good quality purses. Until I had this purse, I have never had a purse last longer than 10 months tops and usually 6 months or less. I am hard on my purses. They shop with me, commute to work with me, go dining with me, travel with me...
I thought when I got this purse that if it lasted a year I would be happy because then I would know that this was a far better quality purse than any other I have ever used. I have had a lot of Nine West and Guess purses before this one and they were garbage. When a year passed with my Coach purse and it was still in great shape I was impressed. Then another year went by and then another. I know my purse is looking a bit dated but I don't care. This thing is made of some nearly indestructible stuff. Hell, this purse even survived my house fire! The baby blue satin liner is still intact - no rips or tears.
Because of my experience with Coach I assure you that they have got themselves a Coach purse buyer for life. I also love the Coach symbol - so cool. If you go to a Coach outlet store you can pay half or a third the full price. That is what I do. When you do the math in terms of money paid for amount of time used, those Nine West and Guess purses cost me a hell of a lot more than this Coach purse cost. Since I have 5 purses, you probably guessed that I already have the replacement for this purse lined up and waiting in the wings.
If you are thinking about buying a Coach purse, I can tell you from personal experience that they are worth every cent, even if you pay full price. Mind you, find an outlet store and then you don't have to.   


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