Sunday, 7 April 2013

L'Occitane en Provence Immortelle Brightening Foaming Cleanser - Mini Review and Impressions

I got a sample of this and I used it for a couple of days before the sample ran out which is why this is a mini review. I wasn't able to really road test it. I normally don't bother to do reviews on samples because you don't really get the chance to test them out before they are gone. So I only do mini reviews of samples if I had a noticeably bad or good experience. In this case, it was a good one.

The product is pearlized, which I hate in a cleanser, but that is just my personal preference. You might love that. It felt really gentle, calming and smooth on the skin. My skin felt nice and clean after I used it. I have to say the first time I used it was at night and the next morning I couldn't believe how much my skin was glowing. In fact, I had forgotten that I used the cleanser the night before and was wondering why my skin looked so good! Then I remembered what must have caused my skin to look different. I waited another few days and used it again a couple of times - same phenomenon - glowing, soft skin. The product had a slight smell which was not unpleasant. I am seriously considering buying a tube. It is $30 Canadian.

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