Sunday, 9 September 2012

Stila Collectible Beach Palette No. 5 Living the Life in Laguna - Review and Swatches

For years I have been buying these cute little Stila palettes or makeup samplers as I prefer to call them, as Christmas gifts for friends. They also make great stocking stuffers. My friends love the ones I have bought them. They are usually around $14 and they come with usually 4 eyeshadows, a blush and possibly a lip colour. For $14, this is a deal that can't be beat. Super cute packaging typicallyu and usually they name them after a city or place. Love it! The ingredient list is so short, it's a joke. That is probably a good thing. Not too many chemicals. Despite making these purchases for years, I never indulged and bought myself one. How wrong is that??? I decided it was time to take the plunge. I saw this one online and I had to have it. This was not a rational, or thought out purchase. For those of you with keen eyes, you will have already noticed that the colours in this palette are not the best.
I had to have this palette because my husband's grandmother lived, until two years ago, in Laguna Hills, California, until she passed away. Which is right next to Laguna Beach. I have been to "Laguna" three times with my husband over the years and when I saw this palette, I thought "how fitting" for my first Stila palette. The palette was shrink wrapped when I bought it, and when I got it home and opened it, the mirror was already badly cracked. Since I didn't crack it, I really hope that means I don't have to worry about 7 years bad luck. I have had enough bad luck the last few years to last a lifetime!
Okay, so cutting to the chase...there are 4 eyeshadows, a cheek colour and a bronzer. They are from left to right and from top down, Sand Dollar, Sunset, Cove, Bonfire, Seashell and Pacific Coast Highway. This is one of the strangest colour combinations that I have ever seen in palette. If you like pink and purple berries and super nude cheek colours, this may be the palette for you! I really just don't get it. There are no highlight shades, blending colours or all over wash colours here. They are all pretty dark and frankly when I have tried to wear them all together, I look like I have been in a fight with Ike Turner. Bruise city. Not a good look. The cheek colours, farthest two on the right swatches, are flat and do nothing for me. I doubt that they would do much for anyone.

I will say this, they are very smooth, blend well and are very pigmented. The eyeshadows are not chalky, but the cheek colours are a bit. I fail to see which one is the bronzer. Funniest bronzer I have ever seen. Maybe a very pale redhead could wear these cheek colours. They hardly show up on me. I would suggest wearing these eyeshadows as crease colours or eyeliners for the darker ones. Sand Dollar and Cove are the nicest colours. Sunset is kind of gross I think. For $14, this is still a steal even though the colours are disjointed and senseless as a package. Just use the colours with other more neutral colours from your collection. There is a diagram suggestion as to how to wear these colours together, and if you follow it, you may wish to do so on Halloween so that you can use this ensemble to scare your friends and neighbours.

Stila is still selling this palette on their website for $8 clearance. Yes, I said $8! Unspeakable! They claim it is a $62 value, which is simply not true, but it is worth way more than $8! The palette is slim and perfect for travel. It has a magnetic close. The eyeshadows are 1.05g each and the cheek colours are 3.1g each. Very sizable.

Rating: 4/10 (value more than multi-usefulness is the deal here)

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