Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cargo PlantLove Lip Gloss Carnation - Review

Since I started talking about this product line the other day...I thought I should do another post on another of their products that I have tried. I had this lip gloss ages ago in the colour Carnation and I have no plans to repurchase it. It is watery. That is the best way I can explain it. It's like watery milk or paste. Slides all over the place, including your lips. I don't recall it being particularly moisturizing, nor did this colour look nice. It's a dirty browny red. I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry, I threw it out before I started my blog so I can't swatch it for you. You are missing nothing though. It was just wet. Didn't have staying power either. This is the thing about natural products, they tend to be a hit or a total miss. This is a total miss. It is both $20 U.S. and $20 Canadian. In Canada, you can buy it at Murad and Sears online. Not sure about the Sears stores themselves. I think you can buy it at Ulta, JCPenny and QVC in the U.S. and Boots in the U.K. The only thing that commends it is the fact that it isn't packed with chemicals. Maybe the other colours are nicer, but I didn't see any that were when I picked out this colour. Maybe the others are thicker? Let me know if you have another colour and it is better quality than this one. 

I have copied this straight from Cargo's website:

PlantLove™ - a complete line of eco-fabulous makeup, is as beautiful as it is progressive. 100% natural and packed with organic ingredients, PlantLove is as green as it gets! Add to that revolutionary and award-winning packaging made entirely out of corn (yes, corn!) as well as the Ecocert endorsement, and you can be assured that PlantLove is environmentally responsible in product, packaging, and process.

All PlantLove products are made without:
Synthetic fragrances
Synthetic dyes

Rating: 1/10

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