Sunday, 16 September 2012

MAC's Most Overrated and Underrated Eyeshadows - Contrast and Shroom (Review and Swatches)

This is a blog that I have been meaning to do since I started my blog. Today, I am going to talk about MAC's most overrated and underrated eyeshadows. I could probably do a small list of each category, but I am only going to tackle the most overrated MAC eyeshadow and underrated MAC eyeshadow, in my opinion of course. I am the first one to jump on the MAC eyeshadow band wagon, but not all of their eyeshadows are as good as the bulk of them are. So let's jump into it. In my humble opinion, MAC's most overrated eyeshadow is Contrast. This is described as a purplish-blue with blue pearl and it has a velvet finish. People rave about how this is one of their favourite MAC eyeshadows online. I don't get it. Please see swatch on the left below. Does that look like a great colour to you? Not to me. I mean the sound of a purplish-blue with blue pearl eyeshadow sounds right up my alley. I love both purple and blue eyeshadow (if worn properly). The reality of the colour is quite disappointing. It's like a flat navy with a hint of purple. You can barely see the pearl when it has been applied. It is very dry to me and harsh. It is not smooth and does not glide on well. It's a bitch to blend. I have tried to use this colour time and time again and frankly, I hate it. Moving on...

Okay, MAC's most underrated eyeshadow is also my favourite MAC eyeshadow. Surprise, surprise. It was the second MAC eyeshadow I ever bought. It's Shroom. I love, love this colour. It is the swatch on the right. Now I realize that it is a nude shade but it is the perfect nude shade for my colouring. It was as if this colour was made just for me. Okay, sorry to get your gag reflex going there. It is described as a soft beige with shimmer and it has a satin finish. It is not shimmer overboard like Smashbox eyeshadows and it is not matte. It is the right mix of matte meets frost, hence satin. It is not overly beige or brown. It has  little grey to it. It looks fantastic as an overall wash of colour and it also works as an eyeshadow lid base colour and as a brow highlight. It is multi-purpose. When I go away on vacation, it is the first makeup item I reach for. When I don't know what eyeshadow to wear, this is the one I reach for. It goes with any and everything. It looks fantastic with Cork or Wedge in the crease. Add a little black or blue gel liner to your lash line and viola! a perfectly polished look. I know people like this colour, but it really doesn't get enough love for the gem that it is. It is best patted on with a MAC 239 brush and then smooth out the edges. I have gone through countless pots. If MAC ever discontinued this colour I would form a protest. Seriously!

Rating: Contrast 2/10 (because it is MAC)
Rating: Shroom 10/10


  1. Excuse me but I have to ask... where do you bought that (so to say) Contrast eyeshadow? I am very sorry to say but that is not Contrast at all!

    1. Hello,

      I have bought 99% of my MAC eye shadows directly from MAC. I believe I got Contrast directly from MAC, but I confess that I have had it so long that I am not 100% sure. If you seriously think that it may be a fake, I will gladly buy one (or another one) from MAC directly and compare them. I will put it on my to do list this month! Thanks for mentioning it. I will do a blog post on this!