Friday, 14 September 2012

Sephora Oshawa Centre Opens!

Hello everyone! Today, the new Sephora at the Oshawa Centre opened. It is now officially the closest Sephora to where I live, so I am plenty stoked. I have waited patiently for this moment and it has finally arrived. So went in to check it out tonight. It is bigger than I expected, but the cash is so small compared to the one at the Eaton Centre. I bought two small things and I was in line for over 20 minutes. Insane. Well they seem to have a lot of brands which is good but they were already sold out of things. The place was mobbed! They were giving away free Sephora totes but they had sold out by 6:00 pm so I didn't get one. They said the totes were supposed to last them until Sunday! What a joke. This is the first Sephora in the east end of suburban Toronto and they thought no one would show??? Poor planning on their part. Anyway, I plan to start spending some quality time in there when I am not cruising the one at the Eaton Centre during my lunch hour. Happy Sephora Shopping!

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