Sunday, 2 September 2012

purminerals Correcting Primer Complextion Pur-Fection Review

Above is my bottle of purminerals Correcting Primer Complexion Pur-Fection which I bought two years ago. I have used it dozens of times, and yet I still have not used even 1/5 of the bottle. I actually thought this product was discontinued but all of a sudden I have seen the new bottle pictured below, pop-up. The bottle below is called purminerals ENHANCED Color Correcting Primer - Redness Reducer - Green. Both bottles are 30 ml. I think it is the same damn thing, just repackaged. However, there are two differences. The first is that the new bottle has double the number of ingredients as my bottle. I think that is possibly not a good thing, but maybe I am wrong. The second thing is that the new product claims to not only cover up redness, but also to brighten and firm the skin's appearance. The new bottle is $31. I am not sure what I paid, but I remember that it was not chump change.

In my opinion, this does reduce the look of redness and to me, it makes my skin look less bumpy (if I am having a breakout) and yes it makes my skin look a bit more firm. You basically apply this product over your moisturizer. It reminds me of calamine lotion. It is creamy and then it dries like clay. I think it looks nasty until you apply foundation. It makes you look like the swamp thing until you cover it up. You can apply it to your whole face, but personally I only apply it to problem areas. It's too much of a hassle for me to add this to my makeup routine. I only use this when my skin is looking really red and blotchy and I know I will have to use a lot of concealer instead. I was told you can use a foundation brush to apply it, but I think that is just a pain in the ass. It is too goopy to really target a small area. Fingers work better. As I said before, it does work, but I don't think it is a miracle worker and it is a hassle to use. I will not be repurchasing. I honestly think that if you bought a green based corrector from another brand, it would do the same job. Your skin feels stiff in the areas that you apply it.

As a word of warning, I have found, with some of my moisturizers, is that they react to this product badly and you end up with clay chunks falling off your face or crumbling within seconds of application over your moisturizer. Some moisturizers will just not work with this period. The product will not stay on and it creates a mess. You basically have to wash your face and start your face routine over again. So don't use this for the first time with an untested moisturizer when you are in a rush getting ready in the morning. You will be sorry. You have been warned! lol

Rating: 4/10

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