Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cargo PlantLove Eyeshadow Pelican - Review and Swatch

Sephora used to sell Cargo. Hell they used to sell the main Cargo line and the Cargo PlantLove line. I love me some natural products when I can find quality stuff. So a few years ago, Sephora decides to stop selling Cargo. I had my eye on this eyeshadow at the time and suddenly, poof!, I was out of luck. I had to drive to the Shops at Don Mills in Toronto and go into the Murad store to buy it. Crazy! While I like this eyeshadow, that is a hell of an out of the way hike for me to get this stuff. I was about to huff and puff about how the availability is nil for this product, but then I checked Cargo's website and much to my shock, Sears is now carrying Cargo and Cargo PlantLove in Canada. I went onto and lo and behold they sell most of the PlantLove products. I will be putting in an order soon my friends while someone is still stocking this stuff.
Anyway, enough babbling for now. This eyeshadow is $18 U.S. and $20 Canadian. I think you can buy it at Ulta, JCPenny and QVC in the U.S. and Boots in the U.K. This particular colour is not very pigmented but given the colour, I am ok with that. This is a less pigmented, less rosey, less vibrant version of Stila's Kitten eyeshadow. It is smooth and silky. It is lightweight. Feels like nothing on your eyelids which is a good thing. I use this as an overall wash of colour. The consistency is crumbly I warn you but it smooths out nicely. Mine exploded in the compact and now I have the crumbs in a empty spice jar which I dip my brush into. That's why I didn't take a picture of my own compact. The compact is cute but needs a mirror, but that won't happen because that wouldn't be eco-friendly they would say...sigh. A girl can dream. This product creases big time and you need an eyeshadow primer.  
I have copied this straight from Cargo's website:

PlantLove™ - a complete line of eco-fabulous makeup, is as beautiful as it is progressive. 100% natural and packed with organic ingredients, PlantLove is as green as it gets! Add to that revolutionary and award-winning packaging made entirely out of corn (yes, corn!) as well as the Ecocert endorsement, and you can be assured that PlantLove is environmentally responsible in product, packaging, and process.

All PlantLove products are made without:
Synthetic fragrances
Synthetic dyes

Rating: 7.5/10

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