Wednesday, 18 July 2012

One of My Favourite Summertime Blushes - Benefit Cosmetics Coralista A Review and Swatch

This is one of my favourite summertime blushes: Benefit's Coralista. The box says "Take a pleasure Rio. Sweep this coral pink powder onto cheekbones....bikini optional! (avoid eye area)". So I guess we shouldn't put this on our eyes (not that I would). Benefit makes some awesome blushes, but they have a nasty habit of using parabens. Coralista is one of the few blushes that they make that does not have parabens! Yeah, way to move into the 21st century Benefit! Ok, I am being a little sarcastic. Seriously though, it is one nice blush. To me it is a coral peach. I don't see any pink here. On the swatch above I have well taken a regular swatch on the top and below the stripe or swatch I have blended some of blush out to show you what it looks like blended. It may be a bit hard to see...sorry! There is a golden sheen to this blush which is nice and somewhat subtle, not overboard. This colour would look fantastic on darker skin tones, someone with a nice tan or a redhead. I can certainly wear it, but there are people with other colourings which could rock this better than me.

The formula is smooth and is super easy to work with. The best part is that I got this free a little while ago from Sephora as a 500 point perk. This was a full sized box that I got by the way. Sweet. This blush will last me forever. It is 12g or 0.42 oz. I have never come close to finishing a Benefit blush. These retail for $28 U.S. and $36 Canadian. That is expensive I think. I know you get a lot of product but $36??? MAC blushes are what around $22.50 Canadian? Crazy! The price is a definite minus. The standard scratchy, useless Benefit Cosmetics brush came along with it. I chucked it to the side as I hate those.The box is damn cute though.

Rating: 9/10

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