Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Makeup Geek MUG Lipstick in Lavish and Delightful - Review and Swatches

I have wanted to get my filthy paws on these puppies for a while. I just recently ordered four colours from Makeup Geek's (MUG) new line of lipsticks. I have only tried two so far so a review on the other two will follow shortly. These are $7.99 U.S. plus shipping. The shipping I think for four was around $5 - nothing crazy, very reasonable. These are paraben free and there are no scary ingredients. You can view Makeup Geek's website if you are interested in the full in ingredient list. In the top picture, I have Delightful on the left and Lavish on the right. The lids have a clear centre on the top so you can see the colour of the lipstick. Neat idea. There is also a black embossed emblem on the side of the lid. They have a slight smell, almost a lighter version of Revlon's smell perhaps? It's not an unpleasant smell. Delightful is described as warm pink with a peach undertone. I personally would describe it as vice versa, warm peach with a pink undertone. On me the colour is quite peach., pink less so. It is the perfect peach colour that I have been looking for though to wear with heavier eyeshadow looks. On the second picture above, I have to the far left Ever Hip by MAC, MUG's Delightful in the middle and Lavish on the far right. Ever Hip is a close dupe of Delightful but Ever Hip is more of a glaze, Delightful is matte and Delightful is also more orange/pink bordering on having a hint of red.

Lavish is described as a Rosy (Rosey ?) Nude Pink. To me it isn't rosey, nude or pink. It is flaming red! I would rethink that description if I were them. It is a true matte red. The strange thing is that sometimes it looks like a blue red and other times it looks like an orange red depending on what I am wearing and what light I am in. It's kind of a chameleon. All of MUG's lipsticks are matte. It must be a long time since I purchased a matte lipstick because for me these were a shock. I forgot what matte lipstick looked like. It brought me back to the 1980's circa Dee Dee McCall on the TV Show Hunter. Okay, there I go, dating myself again. I was only a little girl when that show was on but I remember Dee Dee's makeup very well. Both of these lipsticks are very moisturzing and creamy nad they stay that way for a long time on. I think they look a bit matte though (duh!) so I personally prefer just a drop of clear gloss on them to spruce them up. Makes a world of difference in my book. These are seriously long lasting lipsticks. I have to scrub to get them off some nights. I ate a meal and had two snacks wearing Lavish the other day and the colour barely budged and I had gloss over it. Insane. Elizabeth Arden is the only other company making lipsticks this long lasting these days which are also creamy and not drying as far as I am concerned.

The price for one of these is phenomenal. I can't get a Revlon lipstick for that price at the drug store anymore unless they are on sale. I got complimented while wearing both of these on separate days. I also got asked what lip liner I had used to make my lipstick look so perfect. Truth is, I wasn't wearing any lip liner either day. I was at work and was feeling super lazy. I would, however, recommend that you use a lip liner with these (as I would with any lipstick) to make the colour last and look good as long as possible. I think I am going to use a nude pink liner with Delightful to make it a bit more pink for my taste when I am in the mood. Anyway, good job Makeup Geek! I will be back for more!

Rating: 9/10

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