Tuesday, 30 June 2015

OPI The Thrill of Brazil - Review and Swatch?

You would think that OPI's The Thrill of Brazil would have been part of the Brazil collection from last year, but no, it's one of OPI's Classic Colours it appears. How odd.

I never do my toes in red. Not sure why, just don't really care for that colour on my toes which is really strange since I love 1940's and 1950's makeup etc. My husband said to go for red for a change when I got my pedicure last week. This is the colour I choose. I picked up a bottle of this the next day in the event of chips. This has to last until my next pedicure in a few weeks time (French next). You know chips will happen.

This colour is a vibrant red with orange undertones. I actually wanted a red with blue undertones (personal preference) but the spa didn't seem to have such a colour. It wasn't my usual spa (gift card) but they still did a good job. This colour is very 1940's/1950's. Under some light, it can look like a brick red, but in broad daylight and under most light fixtures it is a juicy, bold red. I actually hate brick red as a colour in general so I squirm inwardly when I see my toes looking that colour. I am a total weirdo sometimes, I know.

 Please don't mind the red marks on my foot. I was sitting on it before I took this picture. My photography skills are definitely subpar today my friends. Even my OPI bottle is a bit twisted in the top photo, but I was trying to catch the colour in the light.

As always, I think OPI puts out some of the better nail polishes on the market and no one beats their colour range and name choices. No one.

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