Saturday, 21 April 2012

OPI Dutch Treats Mini Set - Show and Tell

Hello! This is a show and tell because I haven't worn any of these yet so I can't do a review. I always try to pick up OPI mini sets when I can because they are such a good deal. I have personally never finished a bottle of nail polish in my life, so I never get full bang for my buck. OPI's mini sets let you try the colour and get many applications out of one bottle if you like the colour. You also usually get to sample a good range or the best of the new collection. Four usually come in a set. The price is usually $14.95 Cdn. Considering that one full size is anywhere from $6 (clearance price) to $15, I would say this is a good deal. The colours are so cute in the collection and the names as usual, kill me. We have from left to right (both pictures) I Have a Herring Problem (shimmery green-blue sea), Red Lights Ahead....Where? (coral red), Kiss Me on My Tulips (hot pink) and Pedal Faster Suzi! (pink-lavender shimmer).

The descriptions I have used above are from OPI. My description of them would be similar but with a few differences. To me, I Have a Herring Problem, is a cold grey blue sea shimmer. I don't see the green factor. It's quite unusual and I am looking forward to trying it out. It reminds me of a dark, rainy day at sea with Jack Sparrow or some such thing. Red Lights Ahead....Where? is a coral red which is to say it is very orange for a red and it is what I normally call hot tamale red. I am not big on orange reds myself, but since I don't have any in my collection, I now do. Kiss Me on My Tulips is so cute!!!! I have similar colours in my collection, but this is the nicest hot pink I have in my stash. I love this colour. It is everything that screams summer, pool parties......if you like hot pink nail polish and don't have this colour in your stash, go and buy this now while you can. Finally, we have Pedal Faster Suzi! which is a princess fairytale pink purple. This is an usual colour for nail polish. At first it just looks like a dreamy baby pink shimmer, but when I put it next to my baby pink nail polishes, they look quite light and beige in comparison. This really is a true pink with lavender in it. Looking forward to trying this one on too soon. Each bottle in the set is 3.75ml or 1/8 fl. oz. OPI nail polish is very decent in my book and is pretty much as good as, if not better than, any regular nail polish out there.

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