Friday, 6 April 2012

MAC Paint Pot Bare Study and Rubenesque - Review and Swatches

I think this blog on a couple more of my beloved MAC Paint Pots is long overdue. Today, we have Bare Study and Rubenesque. These are both permanent Paint Pots I believe. They are 5g or 0.17 US oz. On the left, both pics, is a swatch of Bare Study and on the right, the swatch is Rubenesque. Bare Study is a frosted creamy light pinky peach and Rubenesque is a coppery orange colour. Bare Study is for those times when you want more bling than say Painterly or Soft Ochre. It is very sheer and it blends out and washes out easily so using it can be tricky. I also find that Bare Study is the driest of my Paint Pots and has been since the day I bought it. I have Paint Pots which are very old and they are not as dry as my Bare Study. I am not sure if it just my jar, or if it is the nature of this colour.

Rubenesque is for a sparkly warm eye look. I don't think that this colour gets enough love. I am not really into the J. Lo look as I have mentioned before, but when I wear looks like that, this colour is an excellent go to as an eyeshadow base. Paint Pots are very smooth and creamy and wear all day with a primer under them. They make boring eyeshadow look awesome. These are $21 Cdn. each and in the U.S. they are $17.50. Paint Pots look seamless and are effortless to use with a tiny bit of blending. These are really a cut above all other similar products on the market. Now if only they didn't crease, they would be close to pure perfection.

Rating Bare Study: 7.5/10
Rating Rubenesque: 9/10

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