Saturday, 3 January 2015

Stila In the Know, Garden, Moment, and Light Palettes are being Discontinued!!!

I have been scrambling the last couple of weeks to get my hands on a couple of these palettes. For those of you who don't know, Stila has discontinued their popular palettes In the Light, In the Know, In the Moment and In the Garden. These have been around for the past few years and frankly, I naively thought they would be around for ages so I never rushed to buy them. They retailed for around $39-$45 U.S. and around $50 Canadian I believe at full price. Stila's website currently has most of them still in stock for $20 U.S. as they are a clearance item. Since Stila doesn't ship to Canada (guess they are living in the dark ages) I couldn't snag them there. If you live in the U.S. and you want one of these, I beg you to act swiftly.

I actually realized they were being discontinued when I saw the above In the Garden palette on Sephora's website under sale items a couple of weeks back. Yes, I stalk sometimes daily. It was on for $26 Canadian and then I got an extra 20% off. Sweet, I know. I tried to snatch up the In the Light palette, which tends to be thought of as the best of the four, but they were sold out practically immediately. Sephora is completely sold out of them now and I believe Ulta is as well.

I just discovered that has them in stock for $50 Canadian as of this moment. They probably won't have them for long so if you live in Canada, please pounce. I actually ordered my In the Light palette from (a U.K. retailer) a couple of days ago out of desperation. I have used them before successfully so I decided to use them again. There are some sites still carrying these, but they are going fast.

**UPDATE January 8, 2015: I saw some of these palettes still available at some Shoppers Drug Marts, if the specific location carries Stila, in Toronto this past week.**


  1. I was just as upset when I heard that!! I love my Stila pallets, I guess it's time to try something new :(