Friday, 16 January 2015

MAC Haul

One of the gifts that I got for Christmas was a MAC gift card from my darling husband who knows I like makeup just a little bit too much. One thing he knows is that he can never go wrong with getting me a gift card for MAC or Sephora. Amen.

So what did I get? I got 4 pro palette eyeshadows in Vapour, Nylon, Ricepaper and Soba. Four colours that I have never had for some unknown reason. I decided it was about time to pick them up. I also got MAC's lip pencil in Cherry. Never had that either. In addition, I finally got Ruby Woo lipstick. Looking forward to giving that one a try. Finally, I got the Prep + Prime Lip which is supposed to help keep vibrant lipsticks from bleeding and to help them stay put. With Ruby Woo, this might be a good move. So there you have it, just a quick little post tonight on my recent haul.

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