Sunday, 11 January 2015

Clarisonic Mia 2 Hollywood Lights Collection - Review

I purchased my Mia 2 "Hollywood Lights Collection" close to 3 months ago from The Shopping Channel (QVC for those of you who are Americans) for about $150 Canadian. They were having some big promotion at the time. The Mia 2 retails for $180 Canadian and $149 U.S. on Sephora's website. You can also buy them at the Bay in Canada. I know Sephora use to carry this particular colour, but I am not sure that they do anymore.  I avoided purchasing one of these for years because I feared it was a gimmick. Once everyone and their mother started using these and the rave reviews came in, I caved.

I currently have the Sensitive brush head attachment and that is all I have used so far. The Shopping Channel also sent me the Deep Pore brush head which I haven't used. I am scared to use it. I have read so many reviews online of people who say it ruined their skin. I have even heard people saying it to each other while I was shopping in Sephora. Now if I do use it, I would likely only use it once a week or so. Twice a day sounds like suicide if it's as harsh as people say. Have any of you tried the Deep Pore brush head? I would love to know what you think of it.

So yes, I have been using the Mia 2 for almost 3 months and I am very happy with the results. I used to always feel like I needed to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week. I always had bumpy, dry patches. I don't have those any longer and I don't bother to exfoliate now. One advantage of buying this and that you won't need to buy an exfoliation product for your face ever again.

On top that obvious advantage, my skin is a lot more clear that it used to be. I would say it took nearly 2 months to notice a significant difference, but I have very few blemishes now. My skin also seems more glowy and even toned. I do find that the skin on my face looks a tad more white than my neck and chest now, but that's ok with me. Gives me a nice, unearthly glow haha. I have noticed that other vloggers who use a Clarisonic have a similar thing happening when I see them without their makeup.

I would definitely say that buying the Mia 2 is worth the splurge. Hopefully, I will have it for years to come. Other people seem to. It has two speeds by the way, which is nice. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the fact that the charger takes 18 hours! That's a long ass time. Also, the lights on the Mia 2 fade in and out while it is charging and it has freaked my husband out a couple of times when he has awoken in the middle of the night and seen the light show coming from the bathroom, Luckily, I only have to do it every 20 uses. I will say that I use the Mia 2 usually at least once a day, usually at night. It's great for helping take your makeup off and clearing out your pores. I don't feel I need to use it twice a day and sometimes I skip a day. I am really into scrubbing my skin and teeth etc. (strange quirk I know) so I enjoy using the Clarisonic very much for that reason! I do wonder if I should try the Normal brush head because sometimes I think I would like a harder scrub. I don't think I need a harder scrub because this brush head is doing the job, I just think a harder scrub would be more enjoyable. Ok, I am a total weirdo, I know. But if it's not broken, don't fix it, so maybe I should stick with the Sensitive head.

Oh, I will mention that the cheapest case ever came with the Mia 2. It's for travel supposedly. Looks like it's disposable packaging to me. I guess I won't know if I don't give it a try. The replacement heads are $31 Canadian or $27 U.S. so if you replace them every 3 months as recommended, that could add up fast. It appears you can purchase a set of two for $49 Canadian or $44 U.S. from Sephora which is a much better deal if you plan on using your Clarisonic religiously. Since I don't use mine twice a day very often, hopefully I can get a little bit more than 3 months out of each head. I find the device easy to hold and very comfortable. It's a good design. You can take it in the shower with you too it says, but I don't see me doing that just yet.

Packaging: 10/10 (except the case is seriously cheap and fugly)
Easy to Work With: 10/10
Skin Texture: 10/10
Blemish Blasting: 9/10
Softening: 9/10
Gets Rid of Dead Skin Cells: 10/10
Evens Skin Tone: 9/10
Price: 8/10 (it is expensive but it works)
Would I buy this again? YES and sorry I didn't buy it sooner
Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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