Saturday, 1 November 2014

October 2014 Empties!

Hair and Skin. That seems to be the theme of my empties for October 2014. I actually thought I had more than this but I think this is still pretty damn good. Without further ado...

1. eos Hand Lotion in Fresh Flowers - This was the second one of these I have gone through. I tried the Berry Blossom scent prior to this one but I didn't like the scent. I prefer Fresh Flowers much better. The size and shape of the container is perfect for your purse. Already repurchased. Full review:

2. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser - This will not be a repurchase. It is very gentle, the smell is inoffensive and it is not drying. I think this would be a good product for someone with mature, dry skin who does not have any acne or blemish issues. This product does nothing to help rid me of my blemishes so it's just not suited towards my skin issues. I also don't feel that it cleans out dirt, makeup and oil from my skin very well. I decided to use it up and toss it. I can't believe I never did a blog review on this product, however, I think I just summed up what I think of it here.

3. Silk Elements Megasilk Heat Protection Spray - I have already repurchased this. It protects your hair and leaves it soft, silky and super smooth. Gets rid of the frizzies like magic. My only beef is that the smell is quite strong and it lingers. At first I didn't mind the smell but it has worn on my nerves as time has gone on. If you can get past the smell, it's awesome stuff. I use it sparingly these days just because of the smell. Full review:

4. Pond's Evening Soothe Wet Cleansing Towelettes - I hated these when I first bought them. I don't like the smell. This is becoming a theme I see on this month's favourites...smell...hmm. Anyway, I put them aside and started using them again this summer and I didn't mind them so much. They seemed to irritate my skin in the winter months. They are great for cleaning salt off of winter boots and makeup off of winter coats though....Full review:

5. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse - This works well and sometimes you can get away without washing your hair the day after using this and it can still look ok. Day 2 hair I call it. The tricky part is that it is very difficult to figure out how much to use. Too much and you look like a grease monkey. Too little and it's frizz city. If you have straightened your hair and it starts to look frizzy the next day, throw some of this on and you get a nice wavy do'. The smell is very spicy and strong though - not for the faint of heart. I might repurchase. Full review:

6. ion Summer Solutions Miracle Summer Spray - I think this would be an excellent product for people with straight or wavy hair. It makes your hair shiny and soft. It helps tame frizz. Great stuff if you are hanging out at the pool or outdoors all summer long. It also hydrates your hair and detangles. I just may repurchase, although I need something a bit better for use in the frizz department during the summer months. Hey, it might work for me very well in winter...hmmm. I can't believe I never did a review on this. I went through this product super fast this summer as the bottle is small.

7. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser - Ummm I feel like I have been keeping my light under a bushel. This may be my new all time favourite cleanser. I will do a review on this very soon. I didn't think I would like this and I used it because I have a few lying around that I had scored free in gift with purchase bags from Estee Lauder. I won't say more and will save it for my full review coming soon.

8. tarte LipSurgence Lip Crème in Admired - This smells strongly of mint and I personally don't mind that smell. It felt great on my lips and was nice and moisturizing. I found the colour wore off long before the moisture factor did which was a bit of a pain. Not a bad product though. I bought it cheap on and might again if the price was right. The packaging ended up being crap though as you can see. Full review:

9. Estee Lauder Take It Way Gentle Eye and Lip LongWear Makeup Remover - This ended up being good stuff. I would repurchase possibly but I think the price is steep for the small amount that you get. Full review:

10. Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder in 20 Classic Ivory - This is likely the best face powder at the drug store. It doesn't cake and makes you look glowy. I whipped through it in no time though. I may repurchase one day but I have other face powders to use up around here first. I am going back to MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder for now as I have one waiting to go! Full review:

11. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - I have changed my mind about this product as time has gone on. Some mornings it makes my skin look and feel great. Already have tons more of this product in my stash thanks to Estee Lauder's gift with purchase bags. Full review:

12. Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment - I have talked a bunch about this product and did a recent blog post on it. I love the container but I will not repurchase. Rather than babble about it again, here is the link to my latest thoughts on it

13. Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser - Worked well, but not as good as the Clinique one I think. However, I plan on sticking to the MAC one if I can't get the Clinique one. Meanwhile, all of these companies are owned by the same people so the formulas are very similar. I don't believe I did a review on this.

So that's it, and I think that is enough for one month!

Bits and Bites
  • I have a brush review and a large palette review coming up this week. Meant to do the brush review yesterday but ended up doing laundry, sleeping and planning today's blog instead. C'est la vie!

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