Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Fun - My Michael Kors Purse

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend! I thought I would do something  a little bit different today. This is my Michael Kors purse or handbag if you prefer. I got this last year in September at the Michael Kors Outlet store in Orlando when I went away for a cruise. It was a steal! I paid 30% of the sticker price. I guess it was considered end of season at the time, but I just kept it to use this past summer.

Those of you who read my previous blog post on my Coach purse will know that I am very hard on my purses and with a regular purse, I am very lucky if they last 6-10 months. As soon as I started buying Coach purses, that all changed. My first Coach purse lasted 3 1/2 years and I am retiring it now. It's a bit worn but it's still in one piece. I was concerned when I bought this Michael Kors purse that it wouldn't last anytime at all, but it is working out beautifully.

I have been using this purse non-stop for the last 4-5 months and it shows no sign of wear and tear. This is a quality made purse. I am impressed. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a zipper close at the opening. However, it has a very sturdy rope drawstring handle which has a magnet to close the opening. It works well and so far nothing has fallen out. It's quite tight at the opening when it shut. Also the purse is so big that all of your stuff is so far down in the purse that it would be quite tricky for someone to pull something out without you noticing.

It also has a handy secret zipper on the side of the purse which opens to a long and decently deep pocket. I think this would be excellent for hiding a small wallet or valuables in especially when travelling. When worn on the right shoulder (the only way I can wear a purse comfortably), the zipper is on the part which is tucked under the front side of your underarm so you can keep a good eye on it. That is assuming that anyone even guesses that the compartment exists. I have spread open the zipper area so you can see it above. It's fairly hidden though normally.

In addition, this purse has an inside zipper compartment and 4 inner pockets for your cell phone, transit pass etc. Whatever floats your boat. They are super handy. The inside of this purse is mammoth. It's got room for a huge wallet, tons of makeup (hee hee), an umbrella, your lunch, a file folder, a notebook, a mid-sized dog and two cats. I am not kidding. Minus the cats and dog, I have easily fit all of the other items that I just mentioned into this purse at one time and still have tons of room to spare.

I have gotten so many compliments on this purse this summer. Strangers have stopped me and told me that they loved it and asked me which store I bought it in. I think I will be putting this purse away in another month or two and saving it again for next summer. I have a new Coach purse itching to be used....

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