Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sigma Beauty Resort Palette - Review and Swatches

Today's review of the newish Sigma Beauty Resort palette is going to be a bit mixed. Aren't all my reviews of Sigma palettes mixed? I think so. Anyway, I bought this a few weeks ago with a coupon code for 10% off. It is $42 U.S. regular price. The shipping was very steep this time ($14.75!!!) and as a result I nearly didn't make the purchase. Normally, I don't find Sigma's shipping rates to be unreasonable, but this time they were. Here are the ingredients - hopefully, you can read them. Overall, the ingredients are not terrible but not fantastic either.

First of all, I would like to talk about the concept. I think it was very clever of Sigma to do a "resort" themed palette especially during the summer months when people have vacations on their minds. The colours remind me of tropical birds and flowers. The colours together make the palette one of the most attractive palettes that I have seen in a little while.


Sigma, I give you props for originality. I felt inspired by this palette and it has been awhile since I felt that way. In the palette you get 8 eye shadows, one blush, a luminizer and a dual ended eye liner. The eye shadow colours are from left to right, Muse, Fawn, Luna, Topaz, Papaya, Moonbeam, Neela and Midori. The blush which is a warm peach is Heavenly. The luminizer is Luminesce and the eye liner is Daydream and Earth Goddess.

The packaging is big and bulky as usual. Yuck. Not travel friendly at all. There is a large mirror in the palette. I think you can get a number of solid looks out of this palette - both neutral and colourful. You could just leave this on your dresser for weeks and use it, and it alone, for your eye looks.

Okay, so let's get to the not so good stuff. The payoff and pigmentation of the eye shadow colours is abominable. Dreadful. Worst I have seen in months. Scary actually. I am suddenly having bad flashbacks to the Tiffany D Defining Eyes palette. Both were made by Sigma.....hmmm. I cannot believe how well these eye shadows swatch because I can't get squat onto my lids without a whole lot of effort. They are not long lasting unless you layer them on top of coloured cream bases. I tried to wear these with just an eye shadow primer and I could barely see them. I used my MAC Painterly Paint Pot and it helped a little but seriously, these need a bright eye shadow coloured base to really show up and pop. I cannot stress this enough. Eye shadow primer alone is not going to cut it.

From left to right above we have the eye liners in Daydream and Earth Goddess, then the luminizer in Luminesce. Heavenly, the blush, is next followed by Muse, Fawn and Luna.

From left to right above we have Topaz, Papaya, Moonbeam, Neela and Midori. I would have to say that Muse, Papaya, Moonbeam and Neela are my favourites here. Like I said, you need a coloured eye shadow base under them or forget about it. Papaya is very similar to MAC's Paradisco and could be considered a near dupe. I have to give honourable mention to Topaz too. It is not an exciting colour but it blends really well, is smooth and is a very good warm light brown. I don't have anything like it in my collection and I own a lot of eye shadow my friends!
Overall, the eye shadows are smooth, soft, creamy and blend easily. The pigmentation issue is their #1 downfall which makes the palette...well....kind of crappy.
Neela is gorgeous and looks awesome on top of the Daydream eye liner. The staying power when you wear the two together on the lower waterline or lower lash is very impressive.
Okay, moving on. Heavenly is one of the nicest blushes that I have stumbled upon in a long time. It's smooth, blends well, is long wearing and is perfect for summer. It's the perfect neutral peach (not too warm and not too cool). I seriously think anyone could wear this colour. This blush makes the palette as far as I am concerned.
The luminizer I could take or leave. It's alright but liquid luminizers don't tend to get me very hot and bothered.
The eye liner is very nice. Both colours are. Both are long lasting and totally wearable. Not sure how Sigma pulled this one out of their bums when the eye shadows are so poor quality, but the eye liner is good stuff. When I go on vacation next I will likely take the eye liner pencil but leave the rest of the palette at home.
Packaging: 4/10 (bulky, gross)   
Pigmentation: 2/10 Eye Shadows  10/10 Blush   8/10 Eye Liners
Easy to Work With: 7/10 (would be 10/10 if not for the poor pigmentation)
Longevity: 2/10 Eye Shadows  10/10 Blush   8/10 Eye Liners
Colour Stays True: 5/10
Texture: 9/10 (they are smooth and silky)
Price: 6/10 (would be better value if the shipping wasn't off the wall)
Ingredients: 6/10
Travel Worthy: 3/10 (bulky)
Attractiveness of Product: 7/10 (would be 10/10 if not for the poor pigmentation)
Would I buy this again? No (but I would pick up the blush and maybe the eye liners)
Overall Rating: 6/10

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