Sunday, 21 February 2016

Essie Muchi, Muchi Nail Polish - Review and Swatch

I have been itching to do my nails lately. This always happens to me in the middle of winter. I normally am not one to have my fingernails done because I get chips so easily it always seems not worth the effort to do them. Speaking of which, I did my nails last night and I just got a chip 20 minutes ago! See what I mean! Luckily, it's a light colour so I can patch it for another day or two. I actually want to do a darker colour next. So we will see.

I have had Essie's Muchi, Muchi for over a year and this was the first time that I have ever used it. I know this colour comes highly rated so I bought it at Target before Target high tailed it out of Canada a year ago. Muchi, Muchi is described by Essie as being a creamy, luscious pink with a kiss of mauve. I think it is a milky pink. In the picture above I am wearing two coats. It is streaky and can look sheer if you are not careful. I really needed to do 3 coats in order to do the colour any justice and make it look more pink. The polish does seem a bit sticky and thick so I am not sure if 3 coats will be a recipe for Chip City, U.S.A. This is a very neutral pretty colour though and it`s appropriate for wear anywhere.

On a side note, I tried out 3 coats on one nail later in the week (then took it off of course) and the colour is a lot more pink when you apply three coats. I finally saw some of the "mauve" in it.

Bits and Bites
  • That Benefit Cosmetics disaster product that I have been teasing you about will be up tomorrow. I am going to start working on it right now. 
  • UD Gwen Stefani lipsticks and lip liners is next along with a bunch of blushes I need to review.  

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