Saturday, 13 February 2016

Clinique Lip Pops in 02 Cream Pop and 08 Petal Pop - Review and Swatches

I had been itching for the Clinique Lip Pops to be launched. I really love the Cheek Pops that Clinique makes so I was hoping these would be awesome as well. I picked up Cream Pop and Petal Pop. Cream pop is the colour of a golden cola. That’s the best way I can describe it. I wish it was more champagne coloured. The colour is a bit weird. It does brighten the eye area when you apply it. There is a shimmer and a luminosity about it. I don’t think the colour is “pretty” per se though. I don’t have an eyeshadow that looks anything like it. They are $20 Canadian or $17 U.S. each for 0.07 oz./2g.

Petal Pop is not quite what I was expecting, nor is it what I had hoped for. I was hoping it would be a cross between MAC’s Pink Freeze and Too Faced’s Satin Sheets. It’s a golden pink, and while the colour is still lovely, it’s not quite what I was after. Petal Pop also is brightening and has a luminosity about it. Both MAC’s Pink Freeze and Too Faced’s Satin Sheets are both far superior products to Petal Pop. 
In the pictures above and below, Cream Pop is on the left and Petal Pop is on the right.

I know what you are all thinking, "wow these look and sound great, why isn’t she sounding enthused???" Hmmm. Okay, I have a few beefs with these. For starters, while the packaging and flower petal design is beyond adorable, the product itself crumbles as soon as you touch a brush to them. A bit messy and annoying. I had an itchy scratchy feeling when I first saw them online that this would be an issue. It isn’t an issue for the Cheek Pops, but it sure is for the Lip Pops. The product seems to just sit on your lids and crumble a bit here and there as the day wears on.

I find I have to rub or dip my brush into the eyeshadow a few times to get enough product on the brush. While they are brightening and luminous, they are not the most pigmented eyeshadows in the world. I tried two different eyeshadow primers and wore an eyeshadow base with these and I found both of them started separating after a few hours and melting in the crease. If that weren’t enough, under certain lights and in certain angles, both eyeshadows look cakey, dry and just yuck after a few hours of wear. I haven’t seen this phenomenon in a long time. Swatches are below - Cream Pop on left and Petal Pop on the right. I took this at an odd angle so my arm looks really weird. Please ignore it.

If I had bought these at Sephora, I would return them. Sadly, I bought them at the Bay (but got a bonus bag and gwp! Yeah!) so I think I am stuck with them. I would suggest wearing them with another eyeshadow brand in the crease and just using these a little on the lid if you happen to get one of these. They are lousy as an overall wash of colour. If nothing else, they look damn pretty on your vanity as a decorative item!
Packaging: 10/10   
Pigmentation: 7.5/10
Easy to Work With: 5/10
Longevity: 4/10
Colour Stays True: 3/10 (yes but the look of the texture changes!)
Texture: 4/10
Price: 8/10 
Ingredients: 7/10
Travel Worthy: 7/10 (crumbles inside but packing seems close to airtight)
Attractiveness of Product: 4/10 (looks luminous but crumbles and washes out in areas)
Would I buy this again? NO!!!!!!!!!
Overall Rating: 6/10

Bits and Bites
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