Sunday, 5 July 2015

Makeup Geek MUG Foiled Eyeshadows in Starry Eyed and Whimsical - Review and Swatches

I put in an order a few weeks back with Makeup Geek. I got 3 more foiled eyeshadows and today I am going to review 2 of them. On the left is Starry Eyed and on the right is Whimsical. Each of theses foiled eyeshadows are $9.99 and they are 1.8g or 0.064 oz. each. Out of the two, I have to say that I prefer Starry Eyed. I think Starry Eyed just goes with more eye looks and it blends better. Also, Starry Eyed has more longevity I think than Whimsical. Makeup Geek describes Starry Eyed as light champagne beige with slight pink undertones and a foiled finish pinky-beige champagne. I would agree with the description. This eyeshadow looks totally different on Makeup Geek's website than it does in person. I have to say that my camera caught the exact colour that it is in real life here. On Makeup Geek's website it looks more yellow, butter coloured.

Whimsical. This has been a weird one for me. When I first used it, I didn't like it all. I did not find it to be long wearing and the colour broke up a bit even with eyeshadow primer over a short period of time. I cannot stress enough how much you need to use both an eyeshadow primer and an eyeshadow base with this particular eyeshadow. I did a dramatic look last weekend with this colour (using eyeshadow primer and an eyeshadow base) and at first I didn't like it again and feared there was no hope for this colour after I had tried a few things over the past couple of weeks. Whimsical looks so frosty, chalky and white when you first apply it. Within half an hour, Whimsical went from a dandelion to a rose. I kid you not. I don't know if it's my oily lids or what, but Whimsical no longer looked as super frosty, the chalkiness was gone and the white muted itself down so that it really was a pinky frost. It looked awesome!

All of this being said, other than needing a base and primer with Whimsical, I think you need to do 2 other things to make sure Whimsical looks its best. One, you have to wear this colour with a different crease eyeshadow, preferably a darker matte colour. Whimsical does not hold up well if it bleeds into the crease and looks crazy worn on its own with eyeliner. Two, let it sit for 30 minutes or an hour before you pass judgement. This colour improves on your eyelid with time and fades into a glorious colour. I found that the "fade" does stay that way for over 8 plus hours so it held up and didn't "melt" beyond the initial transformation. So I was pleased. Whimsical is described by Makeup Geek as a light silvery pink with a foiled finish frosted silvery pale pink. The description is accurate once it "fades".

Okay, swatchy swatch time! That sounded odd, maybe I shouldn't say that. On the left is Starry Eyed and on the right is Whimsical.

Packaging: 10/10  (the are palette refills so nothing to get excited about but they serve their purpose)
Pigmentation: 10/10
Easy to Work With: 10/10 Starry Eyed   6/10 Whimsical
Longevity: 10/10 Starry Eyed   7/10 Whimsical in general
Colour Stays True: 10/10 (Whimsical improves)
Texture: 9/10
Price: 10/10
Ingredients: 10/10
Travel Worthy: 10/10
Attractiveness of Product: 10/10 (after Whimsical "fades")
Would I buy this again? HELL YES
Overall Rating:  10/10

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