Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment - Review

I started out with a small 1 oz. tube of this product that I got in a set around Christmastime from Sephora. I was so impressed that I ran out and immediately bought the full 4 oz. or 118 ml size which is $26 U.S. or $32 Canadian. Before I get into the nitty gritty, I will summarize my thoughts on this product by saying that it is the best hair product that I have discovered in years. I kid you not. I have been meaning to include it in my monthly favourites the last couple of months but I really wanted to test it out and be able to give a full review before I did that.

There is a matching shampoo and conditioner that are part of the Perfect Hair Day line of products from Living proof. While I think they are solid products, the shampoo and conditioner that is, I don't feel that you need them. This is what I meant by testing out the product. I get the same results when I use my preferred shampoo/conditioner than when I use Living Proof's. The styling product is like a lotion. Normally, I am not down with lotion products for my hair, but this one is different and is utterly amazing.

Okay, what do I love about this product. Where to start? First of all, if you use the right brush and a hair dryer, you can get fantastic volume with ease. By the right brush I mean say a round bristle brush. This product gives amazing lift to your roots. With a hair dryer, and I am pretty sure that heat is needed for this product to work optimally, you can also get your hair nice and silky smooth. Get rid of frizz etc. I have heard from some people that they have used this product without a hair dryer or as a refresher for dry hair and they too get smooth results. I haven't experimented much in that area yet, but I will keep you posted. These people don't have curly hair like me, so I will have to see for myself if that is doable.

If crazy volume and smooth hair isn't enough to get you excited, and for me that is excitement enough, this product allows you to still be able to comb your hair afterwards. In other words, it doesn't leave your hair all sticky and nasty as a lot of volumizing styling products do. Heck, if I don't wash my hair, I still have crazy volume and manageability the next day and the day after that. It really is a perfect hair day that can go on and on! You also don't need a lot of product so I reckon a full sized bottle will last me a good deal of time.

If your hair is thin or thinning, you will be amazed by how much volume this product will give you. You won't even recognize your hair. It's like an imposter head of hair showed up and sat on your head. The great thing is that Perfect Hair Day doesn't weigh your hair down or smooth it to the point to which you have sacrificed all volume in your hair as so many products do.

Jennifer Aniston is a co-owner of Living Proof and let's face it, her hair always looks good, damn good. If you have even thought about trying this product, you have to get it. If you try no other hair care product this year, spend your money on this. You'll thank me later.

Packaging: 9/10 (I would prefer a skinnier taller bottle but I like this one enough)
Easy to Work With: 10/10
Touchable Hair: 10/10
Humidity Resistance: 10/10 (so far only tested in winter)
Hold: 10/10
Volumizing: 10/10
Price: 8/10 (a bit pricey but worth every penny)
Ingredients: 8/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Would I buy this again? HELL YES BY THE CASE
Overall Rating: 10/10


  1. Thanks for the review, this one is definitely going on the must try list

    1. You are very welcome! It's awesome stuff!