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My Top 10 MAC Neutral Eyeshadows (Starter Kit Suggestions) with Swatches

I have been meaning to do this blog post for over 2 years. I have literally lost sleep over it. So many choices, only 10 to pick. This was no easy task. So I ended up with 11 and that was the best I could pare it down to. So it's a Top 10 list plus 1...ahem. The eye shadow market has been getting fierce the last few years, but my most loved eye shadows are still MAC. They are my go to, steady Eddie, stay true, long wearing colours that I simply must have.

One thing that bugs me is when someone does a Top 10 list of MAC eye shadows and they own say 12 MAC eye shadows. I want someone who owns a bunch to give me their Top 10. I did a quick count and I own approximately 110 MAC eye shadows. Yes, clearly I have a problem. These include limited edition shades, palettes and quads etc. So I like to think/hope I know what I am talking about.

In general, Top 10 lists of beauty products, especially MAC eye shadows are my favourite thing to read about on blogs. Without further ado, these are the Top 10 MAC Neutral eye shadows that I think you should have. I will throw in a few alternates that may be a better choice for you, depending on your skin tone. I have a few more Top 10 MAC eye shadow lists coming up for non-neutral colours and all around faves, so stay tuned!

 1. Crystal Avalanche
This is a Veluxe Pearl. I love this for the inner corner and as a brow highlight. It is pretty icy white though. Not for the faint of heart. I would suggest Phloof! if you like a more subdued shimmer with pink undertones. You might also like Nylon or Ricepaper for those of you with darker skin tones or for those of you that prefer a yellow or gold shimmer.

2. Mylar
I use Mylar as a brow highlight and for the inner corner as well. This is a Satin and is a creamy white shimmer. When you don't want a lot of shimmer, this colour is very down stated, yet brightening. A fantastic eye shadow.

3. Shroom
Now for something totally empty pan. Yep, I have used up all of my Shroom and I have not yet bought another. I have a Back to MAC happening soon and I am waiting for that to get another Shroom. I love this colour so much, I have gone through a few pans over the years. Shroom is a soft beige grey shimmer. It is a Satin so it works fine for every day looks. I use this on my lid, as a brow highlight and to brighten up my inner corner. Multi-purpose heaven! There is no substitute on the market - period. Have no fear, I do have a pic and a swatch for you from an earlier blog post: 

4. Brule
This is a soft cream beige satin. It is perfect as an eye shadow base or lid colour for just about any classic look. Blends like a dream. Looks good on most people. Bisque, although I fear it is discontinued, has more pink in it but also works well on the lid.

5. Wedge
This is a soft muted beige taupe. I love this in the crease for a classic look. It can also blend out a harsh crease colour. Wedge is cool toned. If you are more of a warm toned gal, you might prefer Cork which also works well for the same purpose.

6. Soft Brown
Looks similar to Wedge, I know, but it isn't the same colour. Soft Brown is more warm and has a peach undertone to it. This is perfect for blending out any crease colour and for warming up the brow. This is especially the case when you are doing a cool smoky eye. I haven't found too many colours on the market that work as well as this. Although Makeup Geek has some good contenders.You can also use Malt or Kid if you are very fair.

7. Copperplate
This is a muted mid-tone grey. It's not as brown as it looks in the photo. I love this in the crease for a change from boring beige brown. Use this with Shroom or Brule on the lid and some black liquid liner and you are done girlfriend! This also works well with a dark smoky eye.

8. Satin Taupe
This is one of my favourite MAC eye shadows. Everyone loves Satin Taupe. It's all that and a ham sandwich. It's a taupe with a silver shimmer. You can do an eye look with this colour alone along with some eyeliner and mascara you are out the door. Looks like you slaved away in front of a makeup mirror for ages. It's multi-dimensional. When I get around to doing my favourite MAC eye shadows, this one will be on the list.

9. Folie
Picking this eye shadow is a little unorthodox for this list I think. I mean it is a bit on the red side and that isn't really a neutral per se. Folie is a reddish plum brown. I never thought I would love this colour, but I do. It works well with neutral looks (cream, beige, brown etc.) and also with pink or purple looks. It is awesome in the outer corner or outer crease. It just adds something something. I have yet to find a dupe of this on the market.

10. Espresso
I own most, but not all, of the MAC dark brown eye shadows. This is the clear winner to me. This is a muted golden brown. It is a warm colour but it isn't too warm. Anyone can wear this. It's nice and rich and blends like a dream.

11. Carbon
This was the black eye shadow that set the bar for so many that have come after it. No MAC neutral list is complete without Carbon.

I realize I have neglected to have a gold or shimmery sand colour in my list. There are so many of those colours on the market, and I mean good quality colours, that I frankly felt that none of the MAC golds or sands stood out enough for me to make them an essential for this list. All That Glitters, Ricepaper, Nylon, Naked Lunch, Honesty, Amber Lights and Honey Lust are all good options, they are just not "must haves" for me.

Swatch time!

From left to right, Crystal Avalanche, Mylar, Shroom (I scraped the pan), Brule and Wedge.

From left to right, Soft Brown, Copperplate, Folie, Satin Taupe, Espresso and Carbon. 
Hope you enjoyed my Top 10 (11) MAC eye shadows list. What are you favourite MAC eye shadows? Please let me know in the comments section below! 

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