Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bumble and Bumble Prep - Review

I have been searching for a hair "refresher" for years. Nothing that I have found so far does exactly what I would like in all hair style conditions. Does that make sense? Maybe not.

My hair is naturally curly and I hate it. Dealing with constant knots, tangles and frizz is no fun at all. I can't wash my hair everyday or it will be as dry as hay. Every hair dresser that I have ever had has begged and implored me not to wash it daily. It is what it is. So I need something to freshen up and enliven Day 2 hair whether I am wearing it curly, straight or wavy. I need help sprucing up all 3 styles on next day hair.

Enter Bumble and Bumble Prep. Saw this, thought I would try it. An 8 oz. bottle is $23 Canadian. It has very little smell which I like. It is supposed to have vitamins and minerals in it which are good for your hair and also is supposed to help your hair be ready to style or to refresh an existing do'. My experience with this product is somewhat mixed. I have to say that I really like this product to freshen up curly hair. It helps "unflatten" curls and it adds some bounce and softness back into next day hair. It boosts and revives the curly hair products that I used the day before.

When I wear my hair straight or wavy though, I am not crazy about the results with this product when I try to enliven my Day 2 hair. I find that this product undoes a lot of the style and the products that I had in my hair to get it straight or wavy. When I use this product on my straightened or wavy hair I find that this product makes my hair expand and get poufy. The texture and style that I had disappear and my hair starts looking like cotton candy. My hair does feel soft though....

Obviously, if you have naturally straight or wavy hair I assume that you and I will not share this same experience or phenomenon (cotton candy hair). This product may work perfectly well for you in all kinds of hair styles. I can only relay my experience. So if you have naturally curly hair like me, you might like this on Day 2 curly hair. I do. I can't say I like it for any other purpose or style though.

I am not going to rate this product simply because what this product does is so subjective to the user. I don't think that most people will encounter the same issues that I had with this product. I think I may repurchase this product though simply for my curly days...

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