Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion and Radiant Magenta - Review and Swatches

I thought I should get this post up while these blushes are still the talk the town. I usually seem to be late to the party with these things. I bought Radiant Magenta several weeks ago during the Sephora Rouge V.I.B. sale and then acquired Dim Infusion a week or so ago. Where to start? I love the packaging. I am a sucker for any vintage looking makeup. In this case, I would say this is very 70's - tres chic. The packaging feels solid and is not cheap. The mirror and product inside are presented very nicely. These are $41 Canadian or $35 U.S. Not cheap! That is why I will be treating these like gold (i.e., safe location where they cannot be dropped and I will not travel with them). I am glad I got one on sale.

Dim Infusion is on the left and Radiant Magenta is on the right. Dim Infusion is described as subdued coral which I would say is accurate. Radiant Magenta is described as golden fuchsia which is how it looks in the pan. On me, its very red berry. Dim Infusion is the kind of colour that many people could wear on a daily basis. It's a no brainer. It is very subtle and you would have to be exceedingly heavy handed to over do this blush. It's just not an in your face type of product. My particular pan has a lot of "Dim Light" in the veining, not so much "coral". Dim Infusion does give your cheeks a nice little glow though when you don't have a clue what blush to wear. It also goes with everything so you could travel with this alone if you wish. If you are medium to dark skinned, this would give you a nice glow, but the colour would likely not show up on you. Here is another picture of Dim Infusion:

On to Radiant Magenta. At first I thought that this colour was way to intense and wild for me. It is very pigmented. I must have looked like a clown the first time I wore it. I used a very light hand too! All I can say is that if you buy this colour and you are fair like me, just barely touch your brush to the powder and that is all you will need for each cheek. If you are medium to dark toned, this colour would likely look fabulous on you. Especially if you are dark toned! I really like this colour because it is different from a lot of the blushes out there. I personally prefer this one over Dim Infusion. Here is another picture of Radiant Magenta:

Pretty, no?

These look great on the cheeks. Both are glowy. The product is not creamy to the touch at all. They feel dry. Just forewarning you. They swatch matte as you will see in a moment. I don't think they look so hot swatched in my personal opinion. Just the nature of the beast I guess. Each blush is 0.15 oz. or 4.2g. To put that in perspective, a MAC blush is 6g. So you don't get tons of product for your dollar, but I guess you get enough. If you were to ask me if you need to have these, I would say no. They are not a must have, they are a nice to have. I plan on picking up two more of these, but not get the entire collection of 6 that Hourglasss has thus far. I will not be running out soon to buy the other two that I want though because they are expensive and frankly I don't need them. I will pick them up at the next Sephora sale.

I was expecting to be a bit more wowed by these. Too much hype I guess. Don't get me wrong, they are unique and cool. I find Dim Infusion fades a bit throughout the day but Radiant Magenta really stays on there. Here are some swatches with Radiant Magenta on the left and Dim Infusion on the right:

Then below is Dim Infusion on the left and Radiant Magenta on the right:
There you have it. I have a post coming later this week on two other very hyped up blushes which I have been very impressed with. Stay tuned!
Packaging: 10/10
Pigmentation: 6.5/10 Dim Infusion     10/10 Radiant Magenta
Easy to Work With: 10/10
Longevity: 6.5/10 Dim Infusion    10/10 Radiant Magenta
Texture: 7/10 (a touch dry for my taste)
Price: 6/10
Ingredients: 8.5/10
Travel Worthy: 10/10
Attractiveness of Product: 10/10
Would I buy this again? Depends

Overall Rating:

7/10 Dim Infusion      
9/10 Radiant Magenta (price is an issue otherwise 10/10)

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