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Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base Kit in Bare - Review and Swatches

I have been meaning to do a review on this Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base Kit in Bare forever....The truth is that I tried two of them and just got around to trying the third one, Sculpt, recently. I did a long and detailed review of Persuade several months ago and it can be found here:

The Eye Shadow Base Kit in Bare comes with three colours - Persuade, Pose and Sculpt. Persuade is a pink nude shade which colour wise is a dupe of MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. It's a dupe in colour only, not quality, let's be clear. Pose is a reddish shimmery brown. Pose is a dupe of MAC's Constructivist Paint Pot in terms of colour. Sculpt is a grey black colour which is a colour dupe of MAC's Blackground. None of these are on par with MAC's Paint Pots, I am strictly talking colour only.

This kit was $36 U.S. when I bought it. I struggled with whether or not to buy it as I didn't really want the Sculpt shade as I have MAC's Blackground. I wanted Pose because I didn't have MAC's Constructivist Paint Pot (I only had a small sample in my stash). I mostly wanted Persuade because all of these bloggers (mostly if not all Sigma affiliates) claimed the product was creaseless. It was also cheaper than MAC's Painterly in theory and was a dupe. Sadly, Persuade is not creaseless. It creases on me in less than 10 minutes. I have oily lids but that is crazy. Painterly creases on me as well, but it is a far superior product to Persuade.

This kit is now $28.80 on sale on Sigma's website as I write this. One of these eye shadow bases on its own is $13. I also wanted the brush that came with the kit which is what made me decide to get the kit. I like the brush by the way. It's nice and tapered and can be used as a concealer brush as well.

I am going to attempt to not be as long winded here as I was in my previous post on Persuade. Here is the quick and dirty version. Persuade is a thin, watery product. It glides across my lids like watery butter and keeps gliding if I don't work it in immediately in the place that I want it. It creases like crazy on me. It is lightweight which is a plus but it does not give your lids an opaque look like Painterly does. It's a bit transparent and you can see the veins on your lids still a bit. If you have dry lids, you might really like this product, but it isn't suitable for me or anyone with oily lids nor is it for someone who wants an opaque base on their lids. If you are used to using Painterly, you are going to be shocked at the difference and not in a good way.

I like the cap that is inside of these eye shadow bases. It's a good idea and MAC should take a leaf out of Sigma's book on that point. This product though is so watery, it would be hard pressed to dry out.

The size of the packaging is insane and it's plastic. MAC uses glass. Yeah MAC! Can you see above how small the pot of product is compared to the overall jar! What was Sigma thinking??? Also, and this really burned my biscuit, the jar is constantly cracking. It hope you can see the cracks above. I have not been rough with them and they have been stored at room temperature not in the bathroom nor a cold or hot place. This looks so cheap in my opinion.

I did the math in my previous blog post. You can refer to it for the nitty gritty. Basically though, if you buy one of these for $13 and add shipping, you have paid for a MAC Paint Pot. There is not cost savings per se.

In the picture above are the swatches. Left to Right is Persuade, Pose and Sculpt. They are a bit thin and watery as you may have noticed. They do glide on easily though, too easily.....The quality of these reminds me of the gel eyeliners that were in the Tiffany D Defining Eyes palette by Sigma. Watery and not long lasting.

Pose is the best of the three in my opinion. It was the most opaque on the lid and lasts the longest. Sculpt was not good. It blended out too easily and can be completely removed from your lid if you blend too much. Crazy, I know. It melts and disappears into your eyelid, even with a primer underneath. Almost any trace of it has faded into nothing including the eye shadow that you put on top of it within a few hours.

I was so disappointed with these. A full list of ingredients is on my other blog entry which I have linked to at the start of this blog. The best thing I can say about this kit was that Pose wasn't bad, but needs a primer, and I liked the brush.

Here is a swatch of MAC's Painterly Paint Pot on the left versus (vs.) Sigma's Persuade on the right.

As you can see, Painterly is a lot thicker than Persuade. I hope this was helpful for you. I wish I would have seen a review like mine before I bought it!

Packaging: 2/10  (the 2 is for the inner cap)
Pigmentation: 3/10  Persuade   7/10 Pose    3/10 Sculpt
Easy to Work With: 4/10 (goes on and slides off easily)
Longevity: 1/10
Texture: 5/10 (feels smooth and light but there is no substance)
Price: 6/10
Ingredients: 7/10
Travel Worthy: 2/10 (bulky!)
Attractiveness of Product: 2/10
Would I buy this again? No Way
Overall Rating: 4/10 (being mega generous)

**Product Update 10/23/2014 - through an accident Persuade ended up redeeming itself a little

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