Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - Review

This review is going to be short and sweet. I bought this early last year when I was having some serious issues with my lips after an allergic reaction I had. I used it for a bit and forgot about it. Now that the weather is freezing and central heating is on 24/7, my lips were soooo dry and cracked. It's gross. So I dug this up a couple of months ago and I am now scooping out what is left of the product from below the rim. This stuff is amazing. It works really well. With regular use it repairs your lips and makes them feel very nice. I would wax poetic about this product but that would be a bit much. If your lips are in bad shape, this is a worthy investment.

Investment you say? Yes, that's what I said. The price tag is a killer. It's $28 Canadian or $25 U.S. It's just clear lip balm. If you have no issues with your lips, I wouldn't buy this as it is outrageously expensive. Burt's Bees lip balms do a good job and are almost, but not quite, as good as this and they cost 1/6 of the price. I do love this product, but at $28  a pop I will be hard pressed to buy another unless my lips get really bad again. Which, hey, it might happen. I would consider this more of a "health" product or investment perhaps than a beauty one. Cracked, dry lips are not beautiful of course so you could take this product either way.

One final word to the wise.....this lip balm smells like a cross between lemon pledge and lemon meringue pie. I have grown to not mind the smell, but some people may not be crazy about it.

Packaging: 8/10 (writing on tube fades fast and scratches off but the tube looks solid and cute when new)
Pigmentation: N/A 
How Does it Feel On: 10/10
Longevity: 9/10
Texture: 10/10
Price: 1/10
Ingredients: 8/10 
Travel Worthy: 10/10
Attractiveness of Product: 10/10 (for clear balm)  
Smell and Taste: 8/10
Would I buy this again? YES if I need too      
Overall Rating: 8/10 (the price is the main issue that drags the score down)

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