Friday, 24 January 2014

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask - Review

I have no idea where this week has flown! I planned on doing a bunch of posts this week and the days just flew by. It's Friday now so better late than never to put up a post.

I bought a small jar of the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment at Sephora recently. My jar is 15g or 0.5fl. oz. A regular jar is around $69 I believe with 1.7 fl. oz. My jar was $21. I actually wanted the Supermud Clearing Treatment mask and thought this was it. I was in a rush and made a boo boo. If you are into makeup at all you have likely heard about these GlamGlow mud masks. They are all the rage and people swear to you that they are the best masks ever, especially the Supermud Clearing Treatment. Many, if not all, of their mud masks have won awards.

A few bloggers have said that they didn't see much in the way of results when they used this particular mask, the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. However, those that said that, seemed to own a Clarisonic. I don't own a Clarisonic.....yet. It's on my list of things to buy this year.

So to cut a long story short, I was really impressed with this mask. More than I imagined was possible. When you put it on, it does tingle and feel a bit odd but nothing uncomfortable. There are weird bits of what look likes dried leaves or lettuce in it. I think it's tea leaves. The tingling stops after a few minutes. When I took the mask off, I wasn't expecting to notice a difference, but I did right away. My skin was suddenly much softer and felt smooth. The texture was better. All dry patchy areas were gone when I woke up the next day. My makeup just glided on and has continued to glide on all week. My skin doesn't feel stripped at all or dried out. My skin still feels soft and silky smooth, a week after I used it. Impressive my friends.

I don't exfoliate as often as I should and like I said, I don't own a Clarisonic so I am not buffing away dead skin cells morning, noon and night like some people are. Maybe that is why I noticed a difference. I have never had a mask do so much after one application. I can't say that this mask is a blemish fighter per se, and it is not meant to be. Get the Supermud Clearing Treatment for that I guess. I did notice my blemishes appear to be small this week and I have fewer than usual. So maybe it helps with that too.

Oh before I forget, I haven't talked about the smell. The mud smells a bit herbal and tea-like. Not off-putting, but not gorgeous either. It reminds me of the way that Lush mud masks smell.

I squawked at the $69 price tag for the big jar. That's why I bought the "travel size" jar for $21 to try it out. Since this mask worked so well, and everyone says that the Supermud Clearing Treatment mask is so much better, I think I may have to invest and try it out.

Packaging: 10/10 (cute and inner lid keeps things moist)
Easy to Work With: 9/10 (green bits are strange)
Product Texture: 10/10
Skin Texture after Use: 10/10
Lasting Results: 10/10
Price: 4/10
Ingredients: 8.5/10
Would I buy this again? Yes, in a flash
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 (the only real drawback is the price)

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