Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 45 Orchid Hush, 30 Candy Coral and 70 Hot Tamale - Review and Swatches

So I broke down and made another drug store purchase and overall, I must say, I am not impressed despite all of the hype online about these puppies. The Maybelline Dreamy Bouncy Blushes come in a variety of colours and retail for around $12 Canadian at most drug stores. I snapped my 3 up at the Loblaws Superstore on no tax day when they were on sale for $7.94 each. I wish I could say that I did well with the price, but I can tell you that $7.94 is too much for this sad product.

This product has a strange consistency. It's kind of like a mousse sponge. They are very delicate. It is easy to ruin them. Just look at the mess I made with the first victim far left - Orchard Hush. I can not stress enough that you need to handle these with kid gloves. The only way I can see you getting a decent application with some of these is if you use an angled synthetic blush brush. They are 5.6g or 0.19 oz. each. From left to right both photos above we have Orchard Hush, Candy Coral and Hot Tamale.

Let's start with the very bad. Orchard Hush. Looked gorgeous in the store. I thought I could double it as a highlight. This colour does not show up on my face, nor my arm and barely on my fingertip. There were no testers in the store so that was my bad for not checking it first. Lesson once again learned. I can not tell you how many times I tried this product with different brushes and dipped repeatedly. Nothing. All I ended up doing was irritating my face and rubbing off some foundation. Dreadful, useless stuff this Orchard Hush. Pass, for the love of Pete, pass. Do not waste your money on this one.

Candy Coral. TiffanyD loves it. Looked great on her and I didn't have anything like it in my stash. It is not bad, but the colour is just not me. I can apply it lightly though and make it work. It's really orange and would look better on someone with a honey complexion. It is not super pigmented, but it does show up. I will wear this again, but not anytime soon. I wish I hadn't bought it.

Hot Tamale. Lots of bloggers have raved about this colour. This one is actually kind of interesting. It is not as loud as it looks. I was scared when I bought it. Looks CRAZY. It is quite pigmented but you can easily apply just a little for a lot of effect. I thought for sure this would not suit me but it sort of works. Really brightens the face. This one also has the best consistency I think of the three. It's smooth and applies pretty well. It's kind of rosy and not so "hot" in real life.

From left to right the swatches are - Hot Tamale, Candy Coral and Orchard Hush. I couldn't get two of the colours to show up on my arm so I did the fingertip thing instead. If cream blush scares you and you find powder blush too dry, this is a good compromise. I can only vouch for Hot Tamale and say that this one may be worth trying if you want something different in your blush collection. I will be immediately "archiving" Orchard Hush and maybe I will give Candy Coral another shot when I have a tan this summer. Hot Tamale I will leave in my rotational stash for now.

I finally found the list of ingredients on Maybelline's website. It's not a long list and is a lot better than I was expecting. Overall, I gotta say that I was not impressed with these. They feel and look cheap. They remind me of kid makeup. I think Hot Tamale is a bit of a novelty but I would never buy these again and I wish I had my money back.

Packaging: 5/10 (compact but looks cheap)
Pigmentation: 1/10 Orchard Hush  6/10 Candy Coral  8/10 Hot Tamale
Easy to Work With: 1/10 Orchard Hush  6/10 Candy Coral  8/10 Hot Tamale
Longevity: 0/10 Orchard Hush   4/10 Candy Coral   8/10 Hot Tamale
Texture: 2/10
Price: 8/10 (still not worth it)
Ingredients: 8/10
Travel Worthy: 9/10
Attractiveness of Product: 0/10 Orchard Hush 5/10 Candy Coral 7/10 Hot Tamale
Would I buy this again? No Way
Overall Rating: 4/10

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