Tuesday, 7 May 2013

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in 501 Violet Petal - Review and Swatch

Hello! Sorry I have been missing in action for a few days. My husband and I took a road trip to the Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cleveland area over the past few days. I had a couple of my blog posts scheduled in advance so it wouldn't look like I dropped off the face of the earth.

While I was away I bought some makeup of course. Makeup is so much cheaper in the U.S. and there are a few things I can't get here in Canada that are easily available as soon as you cross the border. Kmart was having a buy one get one 50% off sale with L'Oreal and Wet n' Wild so I went a little hog wild. Lots of reviews to come I grabbed the eye shadow in this post because I needed another L'Oreal item for my 50% off. I didn't want this, I just liked the colour in the pan. Normally, I would not have purchased this.

Sorry guys, we bought a new camera on the fly while we were away (hubby left ours in the hotel room one day) so I thought I would try it out for today's blog post and I am not thrilled with it. Also, it won't let me crop off the date and time stamp on my computer. I am sure there is a way around that, but frankly I have better things to do than mess around with that for ages. Back to the old camera next time.

Anyway, I wore this eye shadow while I was away. It is super pigmented and super frosted. It applied and blended well but it is quite loud. I would recommend a light hand when applying this. It stayed on all day but I found the colour changed a bit. It was more violet when I applied it and a few hours later it was very silver, not so much violet. This is why I hate a lot of drug store eye shadow - there is always a quality control issue with them. You really do get what you pay for sometimes. The texture was dry. I also found that the colour started looking dry on my lids by the end of the day like it was hardening and about to crack. Not hot looking. It was slightly stubborn to remove.

I think after the discount I paid around $2 or $2.50 U.S. for this. Not a king's ransom by any means, but I can't say that I like my purchase. Maybe this could work as a centre lid dusting colour for some pop. I have no idea what the ingredients are by the way - not listed on the packaging. This makes me nervous. I would not rush to pick this up. Here is the swatch. It does not look like this after a few hours - sorry I didn't get a picture of the "after" look for you guys.

Packaging: 3/10 (compact but looks cheap)
Pigmentation: 10/10
Easy to Work With: 8/10 
Longevity: 9/10 (stays on and stays put) 
Colour Stays True: 2/10 (changed colour and lost it's sparkle)
Texture: 2/10
Price: 8/10 (but it's kind of crap)
Ingredients: ?????
Travel Worthy: 9/10
Attractiveness of Product: 4/10 (because it changes colour and not in an attractive way)
Would I buy this again? Heck No 
Overall Rating: 3.5/10

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