Saturday, 4 August 2012

NARS Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio Dupes?

So last night I saw that Tiffany D did a tutorial with the NARS Ramatuelle eyeshadow trio. It was so simple and it looked fabulous. I wanted that palette as soon as I saw this. Then I really looked at the colours and dissected what they were. I do this when I am trying to talk myself out of a purchase and it seems to usually be quite effective. We have a shimmery silver grey, a shimmery icy peachy golden beige and a matte soft coral. Also, Tiffany D only used one brush for the look: the Sigma E40 (translation MAC 224). I thought to myself, "surely I have similar colours". I didn't look far into my collection. I own a lot of eyeshadows so I might even have some better dupes if I dig deeper into my stash.

I think I found some decent dupes. For the matte soft coral I came up with MAC's Coral. I think this might be a bit brighter and a bit darker than the NARS version but it works well I think. I also used two Urban Decay colours which were Midnight 15 for the silver and Flow for the icy peach. Now these are not likely bang on dupes but I think you can see that the effect of Tiffany D's look is similar. The point is that there are probably a million dupes which would produce a similar look or effect. I think you could even use MAC's Paradisco for the soft matte peach if you don't mind using a shimmer instead.

In case any of you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, I have the link to Tiffany D's makeup tutorial below. I admit that Midnight 15 is probably the worst dupe I am mentioning here for the shimmery silver grey because it has some gold in it, but it seemed to go nicely with everything. I am sure any soft shimmery silver you have in your collection should suffice.

P.S. Don't mind my hair in the top picture. I don't think it looked that bizarre in person. It looks like I was trying some Carmen hairdo and I wasn't.

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