Wednesday, 22 August 2012

MAC Eyeshadow Singles Orange/Peach/Coral featuring Jest, Paradisco and Coral - Review and Swatches

I have a million palettes and products to review and they are all coming I promise! I am just really anal about trying out each colour and product and really road testing them before I pass judgement. In the meantime, I am long overdue for showing you my MAC eyeshadow collection which is truly the pearl in my makeup oyster. This is the stuff I get excited about. Eyeshadow is my true makeup passion and MAC has the best colours. Period. There is no way I could show you my entire collection in one blog. That would be utter madness. I have decided that the best approach would be to follow in other blogger's footsteps and show you by colour range. So without further ado, today I am going to show you my MAC single eyeshadows in the colour orange/peach/coral. The funny thing is that I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow in this colour group, yet these three are some of my favourite MAC eyeshadows! Of all of my MAC eyeshadows, this is probably the lowest number (3) that I have in a colour range. I was actually surprised that I only own three. I have my eye on Samoa Silk though! It will be mine one day.

On the left is Jest which is a soft peach with an icy shimmer. I use this colour as a base colour or as a soft wash of colour when I am feeling summery or at least peachy. The middle swatch Paradisco which is a frost pinky coral. It is quite coral though so it falls into this colour family. It works well on the lid or the outer corner or in the crease. This is a unique, fun colour that you just can not go wrong with. On the right is Coral which is a MAC Pro colour and it is matte and works well in the crease or on the brow bone with a fancy smoky eye. I love all 3. MAC eyeshadows in general are high quality and these 3 are sweet. Jest works well with a number of colours, especially browns in the crease. I have heard it works well with Twinks. Paradisco goes with everything, although a MAC artist once told me to pair it with Orb for a fashion forward neutral summer look. I find more uses and looks for Coral as time goes on. They are cheaper to buy as a pro palette refill because it is only $14.50 vs. $18 Canadian for the single eyeshadow in the mini compact. All of these are winners, but of the three I would have to say Paradisco would be my favourite. What do you think?

Rating: 9/10 (for all 3)

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