Thursday, 24 May 2012

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Faithfully Yours, Positively Dashing and Sweet Ever After - Review and Swatches

I own three of MAC's Pro Longwear Lipcremes. From left to right, Faithfully Yours, Positively Dashing and Sweet Ever After. I didn't buy three because I loved the product so, but I bought each colour for different reasons. They are $20 Cdn. and $17 U.S. Overall the colour selection for this line seems lacking to me. Lots of dark goth colours here.They are 3.6g or 0.12 oz.

Faithfully Yours was purchased for two reasons. I can not seem to find this perfect shade of stone purple that I want, so I bought this thinking I had found the colour. The second reason was because I was curious about the new Pro Longwear Lipcremes at the time. I got this when the line was first launched. I don't dislike this colour, it is just a lot darker and stronger than I wanted. It looks crazy goth if you are not careful. I have to just dab a little on and then add lip gloss later to make it remotely wearable. The colour is described by MAC as blackened, dirty purple.

I bought Positively Dashing because I wanted a long wearing lipstick in a fun colour. This is a bit loud I think, but I do like this one the best of the three and I wear this one the most of the three. It is described by MAC as mid-tone "berry" blue-red. If you check out MAC's website you won't believe how the colour looks on there, it is nothing like it is in real life. Please see the swatch below and compare the two for kicks if you like.

Finally, there is Sweet Ever After. This was a dumb purchase on my part. I got sucked into buying this because Tiffany D went on and on about how wonderfully perfect this colour is and she used in a lot of her tutorials. Now I watch Tiffany D videos religiously. No one does eye makeup as perfect, fun and classy looking as she does. The woman is a genius with eyeshadow. However, 4/5 times I totally think she misses the mark with her lipstick choices. She tends to favour a lot of barely there nudes (so why bother just use lip chap) and her lips are on the smaller side so whatever she wears doesn't give her face a huge pop of colour. Sweet Ever After is too shiny and gold caramel for me. It's too J. Lo Glow! MAC describes it as copper frost. Gee, that should have tipped me off...I can be such a moron sometimes. Hey if that is your thing than power to you, but it isn't mine. It looks crazy and sickly on me. I am too cool toned and it is way too warm toned. I have to dumb it down with a whack of lip gloss if I wear it. Also, I find that either my top or bottom lip dries a slightly different shade than the other lip with this colour and it looks weird....

I hate the packaging of these. Sure it looks sleek and modern, but the cap snaps onto the tube base and they are constantly coming apart and unsnapping. It drives me mad. Not recommended for the old purse my friends. This has disaster written all over it.

The swatches are from top to bottom, Sweet Ever After, Positively Dashing and Faithfully Yours. These go on dry and dry even drier. The key I have found is to let them completely dry then add some lip gloss so it doesn't look so dry and severe. Also, they are damned uncomfortable if you leave them on as is. I put on Positively Dashing this morning at 7 a.m., ate two meals, applied a little gloss in the afternoon over it (I was in a rush this morning) and some of it was still on at 6:30 p.m. They do last. If you are a low fuss gal, this may be your ticket. But why or why can't anyone invent a long wearing lipstick that is comfortable and moisturizing?  

Rating: 6/10 (they last but need gloss help and the packaging sucks)

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