Sunday, 10 June 2018

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask - Review

The ends of my hair have been looking fried lately and I am not due to go to my hair dresser for another week. I had a few samples of this product lying around so I thought what the hell, I'll give this a shot. My mind was actually blown by how bad this product was for me. I think perhaps if you have poker straight hair and you are looking for some volume and softness you might really like this product. If you have curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair, please pass and move on.

The only pro that I found for myself personally was that my hair was left feeling super soft. Very silken. Did it look that way? Uh no. My hair seriously looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I let my hair air dry and pinned it up. When it was dry I combed it out and it was frizzy like I have never seen before. Totally bananas. I proceeded to attack my hair with product and a curling iron. I got my hair under control or so I thought. My hair was like a big swirling mess of electrified cotton candy after about an hour. I attacked it later with a straightening iron. It was better but man when I brushed my hair it looked completely fried - insane. Hair still felt soft though!

After using this my hair looked 100 times worse than it did before I used it. Brutal. I will not be purchasing that is for sure and now I have all of these spare samples lying around. As a side note, I once tried a sample of a hair gel that Briogeo makes and my hair was also a huge frizz bomb after using it. I just don't think their products are meant for people that have anything other than straight hair. Not sure how this product is an award winner.

Packaging: 8/10
Easy to Work With: 8/10 (at application sure) after the fact 0/10
Longevity: not sure what to say softness remained and frizz had major longevity  
Texture: 0/10 (my hair that is) 
Price: 0/10 
Ingredients: 8/10 
Comfort: 0/10 fried cotton candy is not comfortable on one's head 
Attractiveness of Product: 0/10 
Would I buy this again? Didn't the first time and sure won't in the future 
Overall Rating: 0/10 for me anyway 

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