Friday, 26 September 2014

Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush - Retirement

Sad news today I am afraid. I am finally declaring the immediate retirement of my Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush. I have had this brush for just under 4 years. It has been in bad shape for the last year but now it is simply beyond redemption. I rotate 4 foundation brushes so in reality I likely used this brush the equivalent of every day for one calendar year. I find this particular brush sheds like crazy and the bristles or hairs are constantly uneven. The brush was good at first. I have other Sigma Kabuki brushes that I use for foundation and they do not shed nor are the bristles uneven. I have had them all the same length of time. Maybe my F80 is a dud?

As you can see in the photos, my F80 is no longer a pretty sight. I have washed and shaped this brush lovingly, but alas it did not stand the test of time. I know Sigma brushes are more budget friendly than MAC brushes, but honestly I have never needed to "retire" any of the MAC brushes that I have ever had and I have had them a lot longer (and they are still going strong) than I had this brush. Has anyone else had this experience with Sigma brushes?

In the pictures above, I have washed this brush. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to get foundation out of my Sigma brushes. The texture of these brushes is also not as nice as it once was. Will I repurchase my F80? The answer is no. There are other brushes on the market now and competition has gotten fierce. I might end up buying a higher end brush (I have my sights set on 3), but I think it may be worth it.

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