Tuesday, 9 September 2014

butter LONDON Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Primrose Hill Picnic - Review and Swatch

I got this lip gloss from Ulta awhile back on one of my shopping trips to the U.S. last year. I only opened it a few weeks ago. I know, terrible right? At the time, I thought this was the nicest colour of the butter London lippies, but I think they have a larger range of colours now than they did when I got mine. It was a fairly new product at the time. It costs $18 U.S.

Primrose Hill Picnic is described as:

A punchy, tropical, fuchsia bright pink liquid lipstick.

I think the colour Primrose Hill Picnic is really pretty and it goes on fairly opaque. Considering it is such a light colour, you wouldn't necessarily expect that. The name is ultra cool too. As for the smell, I love it, but I think some people may not love it. To be precise, I think it smells like artificial rum flavouring. To me, that is not a bad smell. Some people might gag. I find the pigmentation is long lasting and it stays on for a long period of time. The formula is sticky. I don't mind that, but it's not for everyone. I find this lip gloss is very moisturizing, it`s comfortable and it makes your lips feel very soft. The packaging is standard. Here is the swatch:

Now for what I don`t like. This lip gloss tends to get very goopy in the corners of your lips after just a little wear. It`s kind of gross and annoying. I would not recommend this product to be worn on a hot date. The other thing I don`t like are the ingredients. I must have not been on my ``A`` game when I bought this. I think Ulta was closing soon when I grabbed it. The first ingredient is mineral oil (ewwwwww). You can read up on that on google if you like. Aside form being unhealthy, it is one of, if not the cheapest, cosmetic ingredient on the market. I usually make it a practice to avoid products with this ingredient in it period, let alone a product with it as the first ingredient. It also has some other unsavoury ingredients in it that I could go on about but I will spare you an even lengthier tirade than the brief one I have typed below.

Considering the fact that butter LONDON goes out of their way to shout from the rooftops that they don`t use certain questionable ingredients in their nail lacquers, I am frankly shocked that they totally threw caution to the wind and threw any old crap into their lippy products. That`s just my thoughts. If you are not fussed about ingredients, then ignore my rant. Consider this gloss a 8/10 if you really don`t care about ingredients (2 points off for the goopy effects though).

I will not be repurchasing needless to stay.

Packaging: 7/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Easy to Work With: 10/10
Longevity: 5/10 (this is tough because the colour and ``gloss`` lasts but it turns to goo in the corners of your lips after awhile)
Texture: 8/10
Price: 8/10 if this was a regular lip gloss with decent ingredients but if you look at the ingredients 1/10 in reality
Ingredients: 1/10
Travel Worthy: 8/10
Comfortable to Wear: 9/10
Attractiveness of Product: 4/10 (the goopy stuff brings this score down)
Would I buy this again? HELL to the NO
Overall Rating: 4/10

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