Sunday, 10 November 2013

Worst (Most Disappointing) Makeup Geek MUG Eyeshadows

I have been meaning to get to this blog for so long, it isn't even funny. Sorry guys! So here it finally is, the Worst, or should I say, Most Disappointing Makeup Geek MUG eyeshadows. Now I love a Top 10 cosmetics list just as much, if not more, than the next person. I do, however, love to hear what makeup or beauty products people liked the least in a line of products and why. It helps me with my shopping and keeps money in my wallet.

I had planned to come up with a list of the Top 10 Worst (Most Disappointing) MUG eyeshadows, but I could only come up with 7. I think that speaks volumes and is a testament to how good most of the MUG eyeshadows are. I own 36 of the 69 eyeshadows that MUG makes. That is a little over half. You may not agree with my list if you own some of these eyeshadows. Some of them got on this list because I didn't find them flattering on me and I suspected they would not look good on a number of people. That doesn't mean that they won't look good on you.

So without further ado, here are they are. Pictured above, left to right and top to bottom, they are, in no particular order: Shimma Shimma, Vanilla Bean, Shimmermint, Chickadee, Unicorn, Razzleberry and Nautica.

Where to start? Okay, Shimma Shimma. I really dislike this eyeshadow. It may be the worst MUG eyeshadow in my book. It's chalky, chunky and does not blend well. It's a pain to use and frankly, I often find that it looks cakey on my eyes after it has been on awhile. The less you use, the better the result, but I just find it hard to work with and doesn't look that great no matter what you do. There are far better highlight eyeshadows out there.

Vanilla Bean. MUG compares it to MAC's Shroom which is a joke. Sorry, Marlena! Shroom is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows and I bought this hoping it would be a cheaper dupe. It's not even close. It's more matte than satin and it's chalky as heck. I do not like the feel of this eyeshadow. It's rough. It's a dirt poor cousin of MAC's Bisque and Brule combined.

Shimmermint. I really wanted to love this colour. I can't stand it and may never wear it again. The colour is dreadful. It's really yellow green but it's a sickly colour. It's looks horrid on me and I suspect it is not wearable for many complexions. The swatch on MUG's website is gorgeous. Not so much in real life on my lids. Only someone with a really dark complexion could rock this colour. It blends well though! The quality of the eyeshadow is good, it's the colour I detest.

Chickadee. I have a similar complaint about this one as I do for Shimmermint. The colour is dreadful  on me. Don't get me wrong, the quality of this eyeshadow is fabulous. It's not chalky and it blends well. It looks like a smear of iodine on me. Anyone with a  light complexion needs to stay far away from this colour. Medium and darker skin tones could maybe wear it, but it is a disaster on me.

Unicorn. Opposite complaint here to Shimmermint and Chickadee. The colour is gorgeous! The eyeshadow is chalky and blends terribly. A pain to work with.

Razzleberry. I thought I would love this colour. I don't. It's supposed to be a shimmer, but it's matte! The golden glitter doesn't even show up on your eye! It looks great in the pan, but that's where it ends. I was so very disappointed with this colour. Total let down.

Finally, Nautica. It's a bit crumbly and the colour fades after wearing it for awhile. There are so many beautiful dark and midnight blues out there on the market, that this one just falls flat in comparison. It's like MUG made it just to have a dark blue in their collection but put little thought into it. It's really blah.

So there it is. I hope this was useful for some of you! Please let me know if you have any questions! I have swatches of all of these colours on my blog if you are interested. Just use the search function and you will find them quickly.

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