Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Jaunty Eyeshadow - Review and Swatch

The MAC Hey, Sailor collection has been out for awhile and although I am totally in love with the packaging, I didn't get too excited about the products. The only thing that was vaguely interesting to me was one of the blushes, Fleet Fast, which when I swatched it, looked a hell of a lot like the MAC limited edition Stunner from last Fall which I already have. I did want something from this collection since I thought the whole look and feel was totally cute. TiffanyD came along and ranted and raved about Jaunty, this eyeshadow, so I saw my in, and ran and picked it up. Similarly to how TiffanyD described it, it is a warmer more skin coloured version of my beloved Shroom by MAC. It's a cross between Shroom and a J. Lo gold eyeshadow. In some ways. more summer appropriate. It is a frost and is $19 Canadian (have the prices gone up?) and $16 U.S.

I like this colour but I don't think it is anything too get excited about. It will have it uses as far as I am concerned. I think you could make a lovely summer eye with a sparkly chocolate or plum brown in the crease. Perhaps even with black this would look dandy. Its pretty plain Jane as a sheer wash of colour on the lids. The texture is nice (as most MAC eyeshadows are) and it is long lasting with a primer underneath. The colour is a bit unusual but it will never go down as one of my faves.

Rating: 7/10 Colour
Rating: 9.5/10 Quality

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  1. This looks like a really nice sheer wash of colour :)