Saturday, 16 June 2012

HOURGLASS Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick Whisper - Review and Swatch

I bought this lipstick for three reasons. One, Sam and Nic from pixiwoo have used this brand of lipstick in their tutorials a few times and they seemed to like it. Second, I love, love, love the 1970's packaging, it reminds me of some of the makeup compacts and cases my Mom had in the 1970's which sat on her dresser in some cases until well into the 1980's. My Mom has never been a big makeup lover as such and uses her stash sparingly. Third, when I swatched this lipstick at Sephora it danced like diamonds on my hand. I had meant to buy the colour Edition, but by mistake I bought Whisper because I couldn't remember the name of the one I wanted when I was in there.

The packaging is so cool. It is sturdy and looks expensive. Mind you, this lipstick is expensive. It is $35 Canadian and $30 U.S. in the States. I waited until I had a Sephora V.I.B. discount coupon before I bought this. So I ended up getting it for around $28 Cdn. I believe. I don't mind the colour but it is a bit pale and too frosted for my taste. I have to use a rose coloured lip liner with it to get it to look decent on me. In general, I hate frosted lipsticks and I hate pale lipsticks. I have ranted about this before. Frosted lipsticks look so fake and funny to me. Also, and maybe I am crazy, but frosted lipsticks make my lips feel swollen and like they are burning sometimes. I really hate that. So I took a leap of faith with this one. It still does my make lips feel swollen and a little burny, but not as badly as most frosted lipsticks do. The ingredients in this lipstick are not too scary.

There are two things I like about this lipstick. One is that it lasts forever on your lips. It is one of the most long lasting lipsticks that I have ever used which is not meant to be one of those drying long last lipsticks. Also, it feels so creamy and soft on your lips! It's like no other lipstick that I have tried. I just wish I would have gotten a different colour. The price is a bit much too. But I will buy another of these, when I can get it on sale, in another non-frosted darker colour somewhere down the road. If you like pale, frosted lipstick though, I would certainly check out this brand. I am sure this is a better lipstick than the pale frosty number that you are using now.

Rating: 7/10 (I'll probably give a higher mark to another colour in the line once I try it)

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