Thursday, 15 February 2018

Empties Galore End of 2017 - Part 2

I had full intentions to have this up sooner but here we are. I realize it is the middle of February and I am just finishing up 2017 empties. Better late than never. I still have a bunch of empties in my basket from last month and this month so another empties post coming soon! I have 3 mascara reviews I need to do coming up as well. Let's get into it in no particular order.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream - I have used up a countless number of these over the past several years. I keep coming back to it. I had vowed to use up some of my other moisturizers but of course I returned to this soon enough. 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - I love this and another one bites the dust. Already repurchased and in use. Can't not live without it.

MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Moisture Crème - I dare not tell you how long I have had this for. If you search my blog you might just find out as I had it in a MAC haul blog ages ago. I finally buckled down and used it all up. I need to do a back to MAC stat. Anyway, I didn't love this. Sometimes I felt as though it made my skin softer but only when I wore it at night and I don't think it was meant for that purpose per se. It did not have enough moisture for me as a day cream. It had a gel like texture. Will not repurchase.

MAC Star Nova Lustreglass - Speaking of is another for a back to MAC. I loved this lip gloss. What a pretty colour. It made me want to buy MAC lip glosses and I am not a big lover of lip gloss in general. This colour is now discontinued. Boo MAC, boo!

Klorane Floral Water Make-Up Remover - I talk about how much I love this product all of the time. Bioderma is a poor substitute. Nothing compares. (review here)

Gehwol Soft Feet Cream - You have to try this stuff! It works great and the product doesn't transfer to your shoes etc. like some other Gehwol products. This was the regular sized tube (125 ml or 4.4 oz.). Must post blog review...seriously! 

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream - Funny story. I got this in a set of FAB face products and thought I had hit the jackpot with this large tub (170g/6 oz.) of face cream but silly me it's body cream! Sheesh. I realized after putting it on my face a couple of times that this was not face cream. It's been a long, dry winter so I used every last drop. It was pretty good stuff but I have tried better and the smell of this product was a bit mothball plastic-like for my taste.

Korres Body Butter in Vanilla Guava - This stuff works well and I recently got some more as a gift. A couple of ingredients are not the best but I used this sparingly. I have a friend that raves about these. I did a review of a similar scent previously (review here

Live Clean Sensitive Skin Body Lotion - I had this on my desk at work for the past couple of years. That's how long it took me to finish it. It worked well enough but I wasn't crazy about it. I would consider repurchasing but it won't likely be my first choice. 

OPI RapiDry Top Coat - I love me some OPI like no one's business. My collection is quite something. It likely would disgust some people at it's extensiveness. I have never even finished a whole bottle with the exception of this one! Crazy. This was a mini I got in the Texas mini collection from years ago. I was not impressed with it. Seche Vite is way better. What is left in this bottle went hard and is not useable.   

Leanne Grace Blissful Body Butter in Creamy Peppermint - I was meaning to do a blog review on this ages ago but I feel I have a lot to say about it and I have decided to do one big review on all of their products that I have. I will try to get to that in the next week or so as it is long overdue. I will quickly say a couple of things though. The good - it's in a glass jar (bonus!), works fairly well and smells amazing. The bad - I don't like the texture of this body butter (powdery) and 2 of the 3 shipments I have received from them in the past have been damaged. I did contact them and they made things right on the first shipment as one jar was destroyed with glass everywhere in the package. I didn't bother to contact them when the 3rd shipment was damaged, but not destroyed. The lid on this particular jar is cut. 

So that's all for today folks! Three mascaras and my Leanne Grace group of product reviews to come! 

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