Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Perfume Pursuits: A Swing and a Miss - Gucci Guilty and Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glaciale

This will be a bit of a different blog post for me. When I started doing my blog I reviewed some perfumes in the beginning but I quickly stopped for two reasons. One, perfume and scents are such a subjective thing! What smells good on you might smell like a donkey's bum on me. Two, I don't wear a lot of perfume so I thought there wasn't much point pursuing this subject matter. However, I think people like to know what others recommend to help them narrow down what to try at the perfume counter so here is my two cents or "scents" haha.

I am trying to get more into wearing perfume. I love it when someone walks by and they smell nice! It seems to be rare phenomenon these days and that's a shame. I know a lot of people have allergies these days so I get it. Also, I really don't think most people give a lot of thought to smelling nice anymore, especially in Toronto. There, I said it. When I go to other cities, most people smell nice. Something smells rotten in Toronto these days.....

So, I have a ton of perfume samples taking over my bedroom and I thought I better dip into them in this lifetime. There are very few perfumes that I like and I am picky as all hell when it comes to this subject matter. Probably too picky so please take my perfume reviews with a grain of salt. However, I have guy friend who drags me cologne shopping because I will tell him flat out if it stinks or smells like lemon pledge so I must have half decent taste.

I tried Gucci Guilty the other day and while putting some on, I accidentally spilt it all over myself. That was a long day just because it was too much to wear at once. But I loved the scent. It didn't change on me and I even got a compliment on it. Where has this perfume been all my life? It's nice enough and light enough to wear during the day time, but it also is mysterious and works well at night. I will be buying a full sized bottle at some point.

I tried another sample recently by Atelier Cologne in Mandarine Glaciale. I have to say that the smell intrigued me. I have never smelt anything quite like it and it was complex to say the least. It smells fresh and of course has an orange scent. I am still in the dark as to whether this is a cologne for men or women. If someone knows, could you please let me know! I've snooped around online and it appears to be for either/or. I didn't even have the scent on me for 15 minutes and I started to dislike it. It's musky and manly to my mind. It seems to get more manly the longer you wear it. I am going to have to try this on my husband and get back to you. I don't think he is going to like it but we will see. Something about it reminds me of a cleaning product too and I can't shake it. It's just not for me.

So there it is, a swing and miss in my book. Let me know if you like this type of blog post and I will do some more as I dive into my perfume sample collection over the next few months....

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