Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer - Review and Swatch

I have had this bronzer for quite some time. So much so that it appears that mine is in the old packaging. The packaging is similar, just the name on the lid is different. I am not aware that there are multiple shades of this product but mine says Warm Radiance. I just checked Ulta's website and there is no mention of the shade or shades available - it looks like a one size fits all compact. I purchased mine from the Shopping Channel ages ago. I think I got it on sale, possibly with a free brush, but I don't recall for how much. It retails for $34 U.S. at Ulta.

This product to me is very pro and con. One pro is the amount of product that you get - 16.17g or 0.57 oz. It's huge. This may seriously last me the rest of my life. I can barely hold the compact in the palm of my hand! If you want to put things in perspective, a full sized compact of a Becca highlight is 8g or 0.28 oz. So this is double the size.

I like the fact that this product has a dual purpose, a 2 in 1 if you like. Highlight and bronzer in one place. Hello....why does no one else do this except in a big palette format? Makes perfect sense to me. It's a definite plus. You would think this would make the product ideal for travel but it doesn't because the compact is so darn big!

I have to say this is not one of my favourite bronzers. It is super shimmery. Not everyone wants a disco ball bronzer. The highlight is even more shimmery of course. I actually tend to use the highlight more often than the bronzer in this compact. It's not my favourite highlight either, but it's quick and easy to use if I'm in a rush. It's hard to over do it with this product, but it is definitely well pigmented. The bronzer is somewhat universal so I think fair to medium skin could pull it off. It's not too warm and it's not too cool.

Would I repurchase this? Probably not. I say that for two reasons. One because I will never hit pan on this product, it's just so big! Two because I have bronzers and highlighters that I prefer to this one. Considering the price point of many high end bronzers and highlighters these days, this compact is some serious value for your money as a 2 in 1 considering the amount of product you get. If you don't mind shimmery bronzer and don't have a huge makeup stash, this product could be right for you.

The packaging strikes me as a little cheap - drug store quality. Call me picky, but that is what I think.

This product goes on easily. It blends well and never looks cakey. Texture is soft and creamy. 

Here are the swatches. Highlight on the left and bronzer portion on the right.

Packaging: 4/10  
Pigmentation: 7/10
Easy to Work With: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10
Colour Stays True: 10/10
Texture: 9/10
Price: 10/10 (for what you get)
Ingredients: 9/10
Travel Worthy: 4/10
Attractiveness of Product: 7/10
Would I buy this again? Not Likely
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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