Sunday, 1 March 2015

February 2015 Empties

My empties are not plentiful this month, but that is ok. Hey, it was a short month! I think March will be much better. I have one hair care item, three skin care and 2 makeup-ish items. Let's get to it.

1. Korres Body Butter in Basil Lemon - I wasn't the biggest fan of the smell of this (it was a bit too kitchenesque for me) but the body butter itself worked well. My skin has been so dry lately and I am just fed up of this nasty moisture sucking winter. I have a bunch of other Korres body butter tubes in different scents which I am testing out. For the full review of this product:

2. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - This is a frequent item in my empties posts so I won't say much about it. I do find myself constantly going back to this product because it is such a great detangler and its nice and gentle. Oh and it's a 2 in 1 so that makes my life easy. I get them directly from Wen so I end up getting a discount and at the same time being on their eternal mailing list. Full review:

3. Nivea Pure & Natural Hand Cream - This was at my desk at work for ages and I finished it all right. I have already repurchased and it is what I am using at work yet again. The ingredients don't scare me and it gets the job done so it's good in my books. Here is my review for the Body Milk which is very similar:

4. Origins Eye Doctor - I really love this eye cream but I am starting to feel like I am having some burnout with it. I think, as I have discovered before, that if I switch to something else for a few weeks and come back to it, I will really get the full benefits of it again. I will repurchase shortly. Full review:

5. It Cosmetics CC+ Lip Serum in Love  - I cannot believe how quickly I blasted through this lip gloss. The formula was very thin so maybe that had something to do with it. It was very moisturizing and comfortable but I wasn't crazy about this particular colour as it looked a bit orange on me. I got it as part of an It Cosmetics set from the Shopping Channel. The applicator is neat. I would maybe try this in another colour one of these days. The packaging chipped like crazy. Full review:

6. Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller - I have had this roller for (I kid you not) 4 years. I have used it about 5 days a week, every week for 4 years. Even though I didn't love it and I will not repurchase, it became a life mission to use every last drop of it. I mainly used it to go to work in and wore it when I wore my glasses so that you couldn't see the full horror of my under eye circles. It did work to some degree but it didn't come close to cutting the mustard when I didn't wear my glasses. The cold roller ball always felt nice on my under eye area. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be finally parting with this beauty product. It's been a long, hard road. The product got so thin near the end it was torture. It never creased though! Full review:

So there it is!

Bits and Bites
  • I have a bit more time this week, and a day off of work (yeah!), so I am hoping to get a couple of blog posts up mid-week. I think I will do my February favourites next and I have a hair care product too to review!
  • I am taking a cake decorating class in my spare time and I have been baking up a storm which is why I have been strapped for time lately. If I make something that looks a bit better than amateur I will share a picture with all of you if you like.

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